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This article is divided into CPU overclocking AMD article, CPU overclocking Intel and CPU overclocking failed to do. It's important to note, though, that overclocking is a free lunch, but it's also dangerous. Improper operation will lead to hardware scrap, and after overclocking all the computer accessories will be more or less shorten the service life. So we must be gradual and enough, so that we can enjoy the high performance of overclocking.

CPU Pre-overclocking preparation:

Be well prepared

Ancient Cloud: Maito. Do some good preparation before overclocking, and these preparations will make your overclocking more successful. First of all, you need a good system CPU. Second, the motherboard selection is also very critical, a BIOS adjustment rich, excellent workmanship, the use of solid motherboard will be for your overclocking success to a multiplier effect. Finally, the quality of memory will have a direct impact on your final overclocking results.

CPU overclocking in the way:

There are two main ways to CPU overclocking: One is hardware setting and the other is software setup. Hardware settings are more commonly used, it is divided into jumper settings and BIOS settings two kinds.

1. Jumper set overclocking. Most early motherboards used a jumper or dip switch to set the method for overclocking. In the vicinity of these jumpers and dip switches, a number of forms are often printed on the motherboard, documenting the functions defined by the jumper and dip switch combinations. In the shutdown state, you can set according to the frequency of the table. After rebooting, if the computer starts normally and can run stably, it means overclocking is successful.

2.BIOS set overclocking. Now mainstream motherboards basically give up the jumper settings and dip switch settings to change the CPU frequency multiplier or FSB, but use more convenient BIOS settings. Normal startup computer, press del key to enter the motherboard BIOS settings interface can operate, is currently the most common way of overclocking.

CPU overclocking AMD article:

Pre-overclocking AMD Athlon II X2 250

After overclocking amd Athlon II X2 250

For AMD's CPU is generally the highest frequency multiplier is locked, it is difficult to improve the frequency of the CPU by increasing the clock, in fact, FSB can best improve the performance of the CPU. At the same time, the FSB of the whole computer will improve the overall bandwidth, to improve the overall performance is very helpful. And to turn off the cool and quiet functions of the CPU as much as possible before overclocking, which can help tap the maximum potential of overclocking.

BIOS Setup Interface

After the boot, also press del key into the motherboard BIOS settings interface, AMD motherboards are usually in this option to set the frequency of FSB.

CPU FSB Setup Interface

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