Crack WPA2 Encryption Packet experiment

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In wireless security settings, WPA2 is currently the most widely used encryption authentication method. In the process of encryption and key management, there are no obvious vulnerabilities to exploit. In practice, however, there is still an attack on the authentication password for WPA2. At present, the most important way to attack the WPA2 is to capture the handshake handshake packet when the user accesses the AP. The Handshake handshake package contains secret key information that is handled by encryption. Therefore, when attacking, the same encryption algorithm can be used to encrypt the contents of the cipher dictionary and match the contents of the handshake packet to find the WPA2 authentication key. The premise of this attack method is to try to sniff the handshake packet and rely on the contents of the dictionary. Therefore, weak passwords tend to be traversed, but for special strong passwords, it is very difficult. This experiment does not demonstrate the process of grabbing a packet, only the process of dictionary cracking for a known handshake handshake package is demonstrated.

First, using EWSA software to crack wireless packets

1.1 Because the experimental environment is limited, we can not be in the field to crawl the handshake packet in the WiFi, we specifically prepared a handshake package, we look at, if there is a handshake package, how to crack, first we open C:\tools\ Crack the Ewsa.exe under the WPA2 Encryption Pack Experiment folder.

1.2 Select "Import TCPDUMP file" under "Import data"

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1.3 After opening, select our Cap handshake package

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1.4 Click OK to go back to the main program interface.

1.5 Select "Dictionary Options" under "Options" on the main program interface.

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1.6 After opening, select "Add" to add our dictionary

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1.7 Select our dictionary, click OK to return to the main page of the program, click "Start Attack" to start the hack.

1.8 Soon, the software will help us run out the plaintext password.

1.9 At this point, the crack WPA2 encryption packet experiment ended.

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Crack WPA2 Encryption Packet experiment

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