Crack M first note (hexadecimal), crack

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Crack M first note (hexadecimal), crack

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10

10-in and 2-in

0------0000 1------0001 2------0010 3------0011 4------0100 5 ------ 0101 6------0110 7------0111

8------1000 9------1001 10------1010 11------1011 12------1100 13----1101 14------1110 15--------1111

Note (A = 1010) B C D E F

Remember10A. 11B. 12C. 13D. 14E. 15F

1 is 1, 2, 4, 8

The following two values are displayed: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 12.

The values of 3 values are 7, 11, 13, and 14.

The hexadecimal value of 10 is exactly 1011, And the hexadecimal value of 11 is exactly, which is the last two digits of the hexadecimal value,

12 is 1100.

All operations are identified, not computed. The addition operation is based on the basic address + offset address.

Reverse code

The positive number corresponding to the complement negative number is first reversed, followed by 1, and the remaining bits are filled with 1.

Not take the inverse bitwise fetch the inverse 1101-", where 1111 is less than 0010, use 1 to complete.

If xor is the same, this bit is 0. If it is different, it is 1. Remember xor eax and eax, and return 0. Assign the obtained result to eax. (Same as 0 and 1)

Or 1 is 1, otherwise 0

And 1 is 1, otherwise 0


How can I set the corresponding bit to 1 and keep the other bit unchanged? Use OR

This command can be used to set the corresponding bit of the operation object to 0, and the other bit remains unchanged. Use and

6A 01Push 0x1

6A 11Push 0x11

68 23010000Push 0x123

68 34120000Push 0x1234

68 45230100Push 0x12345

68 56341200Push 0x123456

68 67452301Push 0x1234567

68 78563412Push 0x12345678

68 89674523Push 0x23456789



B8 01000000Mov eax, 0x1

B8 12000000Mov eax, 0x12

B8 23010000Mov eax, 0x123

B8 34120000Mov eax, 0x1234

B8 45230100Mov eax, 0x12345

B8 56341200Mov eax, 0x123456

B8 67452301Mov eax, 0x1234567

B8 78563412Mov eax, 0x12345678

B8 89674523Mov eax, 0x23456789


BB 01000000Mov ebx, 0x1

BB 12000000Mov ebx, 0x12

BB 23010000Mov ebx, 0x123

BB 34120000Mov ebx, 0x1234

BB 45230100Mov ebx, 0x12345

BB 56341200Mov ebx, 0x123456

BB 67452301Mov ebx, 0x1234567

BB 78563412Mov ebx, 0x12345678

BB 89674523Mov ebx, 0x23456789


83C0 01Add eax, 0x1

83C0 12Add eax, 0x12

05 23010000Add eax, 0x123

05 34120000Add eax, 0x1234

05 45230100Add eax, 0x12345

05 56341200Add eax, 0x123456

05 67452301Add eax, 0x1234567

05 78563412Add eax, 0x12345678

05 89674523Add eax, 0x23456789

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