Cracking email password instances

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Cracking email password instances

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This article describes how to crack the e-mail address and use the obtained configuration file to implement transparent access. When direct attacks are not possible, email Trojan attacks and email account cracking attacks are undoubtedly the best choice. There are two necessary conditions for successful email Trojan attacks: first, Trojan horses are not scanned and killed, and second, the user opens the email and executes the trojan program hidden in the email. With the increasing awareness of network security, the success rate of email Trojan attacks will be greatly reduced. After successful email account cracking, you can easily understand users' behaviors, obtain information in emails, and obtain personal information of the mailbox owner. There are generally three types of email account cracking: first, the user forgets the email password, and the "forgot password" module of the email server cannot reset or obtain the original password; second, they want to know the content in their emails out of business competition or curiosity, so they can crack their email accounts. Third, they are professional attacks, attackers can obtain information from their email addresses, learn personal dynamics, and obtain personal information. I, Obtain the Smtp server address through an email account. The address after the mailbox account "@" is the prefix of the server address, for example, the mail server address of the mailbox account "" is, sometimes you need to add "mail. "If you can open the mail server in a browser, it indicates that the server is available. After you open the mail server webpage, you can obtain the public smtp and Pop3 server addresses through the help information on the webpage, for example, the Smtp and Pop3 server addresses are "" and "" respectively ". Note: 1. E-mailCrack uses the Smtp server to crack the email account. Therefore, you need to know the address of the smtp server when cracking the email. If you use the Pop3 mail cracking software, you need to know the pop3 server address. 2. email service providers that provide free/paid email services to external users generally provide email help on their websites. These help allows you to quickly and accurately obtain the smtp of emails and the pop3 mail server address. This information is often related to foxmail and outlook settings. Therefore, you can obtain smtp and pop3 server address information by viewing foxmail and outlook settings. Ii. Run the E-mail Crack software. After running E-mail Crack, the and mail server addresses are provided by default in E-mail Crack. You must select or set the address of the email server before cracking, and set the email account name. III, Set dictionary. Click "dictionary Settings" and select a password dictionary. in E-mail Crack, the requirements for the password dictionary file are ". dic. Dic files can be generated by professional dictionary generation tools. In this case, select the generated password dictionary l. dic. IV, Start cracking email accounts. The server address is "" and the email account is "XXX". Click "Start scan" to start account cracking. The attempt password is displayed in the scan information.

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