Cracking Wifi WPA-WPA2 in 5 second--dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap

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Although the title is 5 seconds to crack WPA-WPA2 WiFi password, but in fact this is the kind of router for foreign countries, our big celestial routers more and more powerful. Some routers have anti-pin, even some routers do not have pin,wps and so on. But there are some that should be useful. Here's how to say:

Tool: I downloaded the dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap in URL, but this is not good to download, Even if you can fq is not very good download, I toss for a while to download this stuff. Here I don't give, need message.

Principle: In fact, the principle of this hack is by looking at someone else's router pin code (using Dumpper v.80.8), and then using a PIN code to connect the router to the Internet (using Jumpstart, in fact, and I previously introduced the QSS software) to network. WinPcap This software is the framework or the basis for the use, or the premise that needs to be installed first.

Method: I watched a lot of YouTube video above, the method is similar, first open Dumpper v.80.8

Select a suitable card

Then click on the WPS tab and click Scan below for WiFi signal

Can see only my own router at the moment

Next select a WiFi, then click on the Wpswin, we can also see, each wifi has a PIN code on the right,

Automatically attempts to connect, it may succeed, it may fail, and if the red lettering in the show fails

If it fails, click

This tool may be clicked without effect, can be installed separately, or it can install the same qss that I described earlier. It's like this after the installation.

Open it

And then

Then enter the same pin that was displayed on the right side of the WiFi, enter it and wait for him to connect automatically, if successful, the following will appear

However, many of our celestial routers are very advanced, we use Dumpper v.80.8 Software or wps-pin0.4 software, such as check to see the PIN code may not be the router's real pin code, so it is likely to fail, and once the connection fails, it is likely that the computer will automatically restart, I met many times, QSS software is the case, the connection failure will automatically restart the computer.

Next say wps-pin0.4, this software is also look at the router pin code, but in the celestial PIN code is not necessarily the router real PIN code, that is not necessarily successful.

Look at the interface of this software:

Click on the gogo below to display the PIN code of the router

Celestial Many routers are not, but some also can. And if you want to connect the router owner is someone you know, if you can get someone else's router to see the above PIN code can be directly connected through this software is more convenient. However, some routers do not have a PIN code. If it succeeds, then the process is a mere 5 seconds. Good luck!

Some other software, video I will not put up.

Cracking Wifi WPA-WPA2 in 5 second--dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap

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