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  • Search Engine Nutch

    Nutch is an open source Java-implemented search engine. It provides all the tools we need to run our own search engine. Includes full-text search and web crawlers. Although Web search is a basic requirement for roaming the Internet, the number of existing Web search engines is declining. And this is likely to evolve further into a company that has monopolized almost all of the web ... More Nutch Information

    Last update:"a daily blog" Research on the regular filtering mechanism of Nutch URLs posted 20 days ago

  • Web crawler Grub Next Generation

    Grub Next Generation is a distributed web crawler system that contains the indexes that clients and servers can use to maintain web pages. More Grub Next Generation info

    Last updated: Grub Next Generation 1.0 posted 3 year ago

  • Web  software network Miner Collector (formerly Soukey picking)

    Soukey Harvesting website  software is an open source software based on the. NET platform and the only open source software in the type of Web  software. Although Soukey harvest Open source, it does not affect the provision of software functions, even more than some of the functions of commercial software to enrich.    Soukey Harvesting currently offers the following main features: 1. Multi-tasking multi-line ... More online miner's collector (formerly Soukey picking) information

  • PHP web crawler and search engine phpdig

    Phpdig is a web crawler and search engine developed with PHP. Create a glossary by indexing both dynamic and static pages. When you search for a query, it displays the search results page that contains the keywords in a certain sort of collation. Phpdig contains a template system and is able to index Pdf,word,excel, and PowerPoint documents. Phpdig apply to specialization more ... More Phpdig Information

  • Website content collector Snoopy

    Snoopy is a powerful website content collector (crawler). Provides features such as getting web content, submitting forms, and more. More Snoopy information

  • Java web crawler jspider

    Jspider is a Java implementation of the Webspider,jspider execution format as follows: Jspider [url] [configname] URL must be added to the protocol name, such as:/HTTP, otherwise it will error. If ConfigName is omitted, the default configuration is used. Jspider behavior is configured by the configuration file, such as the use of what plug-in, the result of the storage side ... More Jspider Information

  • Web crawler program Nwebcrawler

    Nwebcrawler is an open source C # web crawler with more Nwebcrawler information

  • Web crawler Heritrix

    Heritrix is an open source, extensible web crawler Project. Users can use it to grab the resources they want from the web. Heritrix is designed to be strictly in accordance with the robots.txt document exclusion instructions and meta robots tags. The best thing about it is that it's good scalability and allows users to implement their own crawl logic. Heritrix is a reptile frame, its tissue knot ... More Heritrix Information

  • Web crawler Framework scrapy

    Scrapy is a set of twisted-based asynchronous processing framework, pure Python implementation of the crawler framework, users only need to customize the development of a few modules can be easily implemented a crawler, to crawl Web content and a variety of pictures, very convenient ~ more scrapy information

    last update: using Scrapy to build a web crawler posted 6 month ago

  • Vertical crawler webmagic

    WebMagic is a crawler framework that does not need to be configured and facilitates two development, providing a simple and flexible API that allows a crawler to be implemented in just a small amount of code. Here is a piece of code to crawl the Oschina blog: spider.create (New Simplepageprocessor ("", "*/ blog/* ")). T ... More webmagic Information

    Last updated: WebMagic 0.5.2 Released, Java crawler framework posted 1 month ago

  • Openwebspider

    Openwebspider is an open source multithreaded Web Spider (robot: Robot, Crawler: crawler) and a search engine with many interesting features. More Openwebspider Information

  • Java Multi-threaded web crawler crawler4j

    CRAWLER4J is an open source Java class Library that provides a simple interface for crawling Web pages. It can be used to build a multi-threaded web crawler. Example code: Import java.util.ArrayList; Import Java.util.regex.Pattern; Import Edu.uci.ics.crawler4j.crawler.Page; Import ... More crawler4j Information

  • Web crawler/Information extraction software Metaseeker

    Web Crawl/Information extraction/Data Extraction Software Toolkit Metaseeker (Gooseeker) V4.11.2 officially released, online version free download and use, source code can be read. Since its launch, well-loved, the main application areas: Vertical search (Vertical searches): Also known as professional search, high-speed, mass and accurate crawl is fixed problem network crawler datascrap ... More Metaseeker Information

  • Java Web spider/web crawler Spiderman

    Spiderman-another Java web spider/Reptile Spiderman is a micro-kernel + plug-in architecture of the network spider, its goal is to use a simple method to the complex target Web page information can be captured and resolved to their own needs of business data. Key Features * Flexible, scalable, micro-core + plug-in architecture, Spiderman provides up to ... More Spiderman Information

  • Web crawler Methanol

    Methanol is a modular and customizable web crawler software, the main advantage is fast. More methanol information

  • Web crawler/spider Larbin

    Larbin is an open source web crawler/spider, developed independently by the French young Sébastien Ailleret. The purpose of Larbin is to be able to track the URL of the page to expand the crawl and finally provide a wide range of data sources for search engines. Larbin is just a crawler, that is to say Larbin only crawl Web pages, as to how to parse things by the user himself ... More Larbin Information

  • Reptile little New Sinawler

    The first in the country for micro-blog Data Crawler! Formerly known as "Sina Weibo crawler". After logging in, you can specify the user as the starting point, with the user's followers, fans as clues, extended connections to collect user basic information, Weibo data, review data. The data obtained by the application can be used as data support for scientific research, research and development related to Sina Weibo, but not for business ... More Sinawler Information

  • "Free" dead link check software Xenu

    Xenu Link Sleuth is probably the smallest but most powerful software you've ever seen to check the site's dead links. You can open a local Web page file to check its links, or you can enter any URL to check. It can list the site's live links and dead links, and even to the link it is analyzed clearly, support multi-threading, you can check the knot ... More Xenu Information

  • Web-harvest

    Web-harvest is a Java open source Web data extraction tool. It collects the specified Web pages and extracts useful data from those pages. Web-harvest mainly uses such techniques as xslt,xquery and regular expressions to realize the operation of Text/xml. More web-harvest Information

  • Web crawler Playfish
  • Playfish is a web crawler that uses Java technology to integrate multiple open source Java components, and uses XML configuration files to achieve highly customizable and scalable web crawlers using open source jar packages including httpclient (content reading). DOM4J (Profile parsing), Jericho (HTML parsing), is already under the lib of the war package. This one

  • Easy-to-access network  system

    The system uses the mainstream programming language PHP and MySQL database, you can through the custom collection rules, or to my site to download shared rules, for the site or site groups,  you need, you can also share your collection rules to everyone oh. Edit the data you have collected through the data browsing and editing editor.  All the code of this system is completely open source, ... More information on easy-to-access network  systems

  • Web crawler yacy

    YaCy-based distributed web search engine. It is also an HTTP cache proxy server. This project is a new way to build a web-based peer indexing network. It can search your own or global index, or you can crawl your own Web pages or launch distributed crawling. More yacy Information

    Last updated: YaCy 1.4 Released, distributed web search engine posted 1 year ago

  • Web crawler Framework Smart and simple Web Crawler

    Smart and simple web crawler is a web crawler framework. Integrated Lucene support. The crawler can start with a single link or an array of links, providing two traversal modes: maximum iteration and maximum depth. You can set the filter limit crawl back link, default provides three filters ServerFilter, Beginningpathfilter and Regulare ... More smart and simple Web crawler information

  • Web crawler Crawlzilla

    Crawlzilla is a free software that helps you to build your search engine easily, and with it, you don't have to rely on the company's search engine, and you don't have to worry about it. The worries of the company's internal Web site index is the core of the Nutch project, integrating more related packages and developing a design installation and management UI, Make it easier for users to get started.  Crawlzilla In addition to crawling basic ... More Crawlzilla Information

  • Simple HTTP crawler Httpbot

    Httpbot is a simple package for the class, it can easily get the Web content, and automatically manage the session, automatically handle 301 redirects and so on. Although not as powerful as httpclient, it supports the full HTTP protocol, but is very flexible enough to meet all of my current needs. ... More Httpbot Information

  • News collector Nzbget

    Nzbget is a news collector in which the data format downloaded from the newsgroup is the nzb file. It can be used for stand-alone and server/client modes. Download the file in standalone mode by using the NZB file as the command line for the parameter. Both the server and the client have only one executable file "Nzbget". Features and features of the console interface, using plain text, color text or ... More Nzbget Information

  • Web crawler Ex-crawler

    Ex-crawler is a web crawler, using Java development, the project is divided into two parts, one is the daemon, and the other is a flexible and configurable Web crawler. Use a database to store Web page information. More Ex-crawler Information

  • Job Information crawler Jobhunter

    Jobhunter is designed to automatically get recruitment information from a number of large sites, such as Chinahr,51job,zhaopin and more. Jobhunter searches the email address of each work item and automatically sends the application text to that email address. More Jobhunter Information

  • Web crawler frame Hispider

    Hispider is a fast and high performance spiders with high speed strictly speaking can only be a spider system framework, no refinement requirements, currently just can extract URL, url row weight, asynchronous DNS resolution, queue The task, support n-machine distributed download, support site-directed download (need to configure Hispiderd.ini whitelist). Characteristics... More Hispider Information

  • Perl Reptile Program Combine

    Combine is an open extensible Internet resource Crawler developed in the Perl language. More combine information

  • Web crawler jcrawl

    Jcrawl is a small, high-performance web crawler that can fetch various types of files from a Web page, based on user-defined symbols such as EMAIL,QQ. More jcrawl Information

  • Distributed web crawler Ebot

    Ebot is a scalable, distributed web crawler developed in ErLang, where URLs are stored in a database that can be queried through RESTful HTTP requests. More Ebot Information

  • Multi-threaded web crawler program spidernet

    Spidernet is a recursive tree model of multi-threaded web crawler, to support the acquisition of text/html Resources. Can set crawl depth, maximum download byte limit, support gzip decoding, support to GBK (gb2312) and UTF8 encoded resources; stored in SQLite data files.  In the source TODO: Tag describes the unfinished function, and want to submit your code .... More spidernet Information

  • Itsucks

    Itsucks is a Java web spider (Web bot, crawler) Open source project. Download templates and regular expressions are supported to define download rules.    Provides a swing GUI operator interface. More itsucks Information

  • Web search crawler Blueleech

    Blueleech is an open source program that starts with the specified URL, searches for all available links, and links above them. It can download the contents of all or predefined ranges that are encountered by the link while searching. More Blueleech Information

  • URL Monitoring script urlwatch

    Urlwatch is a Python script that monitors the specified URL address and is notified by email once the specified URL content changes. Basic function configuration is simple, through a text file to specify the URL, one line URL address; easily hackable (Clean Python Implementation) Can run as a cronjob and M ... More Urlwatch Information

    last update: Urlwatch 1.8 posted 4 year ago

  • Methabot

    Methabot is a high-speed, highly configurable crawler software for WEB, FTP, and local file systems. More Methabot Information

  • Web search and crawler leopdo

    Web search and crawlers written in Java, including full-text and categorical vertical search, and word breakers more leopdo information

  • Web crawler tool Ncrawler

    Ncrawler is a web Crawler tool that makes it easy for developers to develop applications with Web Crawler capabilities, and has the ability to extend it so that developers can augment their capabilities to support other types of resources such as pdf/word/ Files or other sources of data such as Excel). Ncrawler using multiple threads (... More Ncrawler Information

  • Ajax crawler and test Crawljax

    Crawljax:java Write, open source code. Crawljax is a Java tool for automating crawling and testing Ajax WEB applications today.

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Crawler _83 web crawler open source software

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