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Hou accounting is a distinctive person. For example, if someone gives you an opinion and thinks you are wrong, you may think: Where can I be wrong? You must have made a mistake on your own, for that reason. However, if one hundred people give you comments and think you are wrong, you may think: Maybe I am really wrong.

But Hou's accountant is not like this. Even if people all over the world give her comments, she will stubbornly think that everyone in the world is wrong and doesn't understand her. If only one person gives her an opinion, it's different. Most of the time she thinks this person must have a revenge against herself and she must fight for revenge.

With such a mentality, it is difficult to get along with people. Of course, it is not her difficulty, it is the difficulty of people around her. They have been working with her for two years, and the difficulties are conceivable. They always think: I am still good, and the people in the administration department are even worse.

As the saying goes, when the dog jumps to the wall, the rabbit will also bite. In the past, the shadows in the company also felt that they were always swallowed up in front of accounting. Zhou always said, "in a harmonious society, the company must also be harmonious. To be harmonious, we must take full care of the overall situation. Everything focuses on the interests of the company, my personal grievances: Put them back first."

The film knows that Zhou Zong is obviously biased towards her, so he must think that there must be some ulterior motives between the accountant and the two boss, or, there must be a big background behind her, and the two boss still have to rely on her.

Now, I want to resign. The film rushed to Zhou's office with an open-minded mind. The first sentence was: "accounting is too good !"

Seeing the fire of the film, Zhou immediately put down his work: "What happened? Let's talk about it ."

"I have endured her for a long time. In the past, when I was working with her, I always had to be confused. Because of this, I cried many times. At that time, I always advised her, even if she was so old as an accountant, she should respect her and try to do her job well. Let her get along with her in the future, this prevents everyone from getting embarrassed face to face. What about now? She forced her to resign. We can't afford her to hide from her. This is already quite good, but it's all like this, and she is still not willing to spare it, is it just to make the company happy ?"

It was not the first time that Jack told him about accounting. I believe other people have told him about it. But what is the purpose? This time, Mr. Zhou is still like before: "Xiao Jue, calm down, your contribution to the company I and Chen Dong know, what others say, we don't care, we believe what we see, so do not be afraid."

Zhou's speech is very artistic. On the one hand, he must know that this person is most afraid of praise. Therefore, if he cares about anything, he will first praise him, the results will certainly not be bad. But what about accounting? Accounting matters are cleverly avoided.

The film knows that it is certainly impossible to get any results when it continues to make a noise. It is an extreme thing, but it also makes Zhou fail. This time, he also gave a comment: "In short, I am still in the company. When I am in the company, I will not make any contact with her, nor will I say a word to her, we also hope that Mr. Zhou will pay attention when arranging the company to avoid any conflicts."

Mr. Zhou nodded. "John, you resigned and talked directly to Chen Dong. I also learned your thoughts from him. Chen Dong said that he can understand you, but now I still cannot understand it. In fact, I think the company is trying to create good conditions for you to meet your requirements. Maybe we have different ideas. However, after several years, you have contributed a lot to the company. If you do not leave the company, we can reconsider many questions, including accounting, it also includes the location of my manager."

The film shook his head: "Zhou Zong, my thoughts have been clearly explained to Chen Dong. There are many things that cannot be changed ."

After that, he did not say hello to Mr. Zhou and walked straight out of his office. As soon as he went out, he was in the eyes of the accountant. By the way, he glared at him, stepped out of the Administration Department, and carried the door heavily.


When I returned to the R & D department, I found that everyone was not talking. I just looked at me with concern. The Shadow slowly said to everyone: "Nothing. Do your own thing ."

As a result, people lie on their computers and do not know if they are actually doing things.

Today, my work was late, and I was about to leave the company. I had to sort out the code on the machine and check in on the server. You can also sort out some personal information and copy it to a USB flash drive. After doing this, close the laptop, and the shadow looks at it seriously for the second time. The first time it was just obtained.

This is an IBM T43 laptop. At that time, Zhou asked him, "What brand do you want ?" The film said, "IBM ." He knows that the security of IBM computer data is well-known, strong, and masculine. It is said that there will be no major problems when a hard disk falls onto the ground. As a developer, the first thing that comes to mind is of course this. In the past, the film broke the hard disk twice in total, and every time it was terrible. Even the first 50 lines he had always wanted to keep his memory for, he lost all the code that earned 100 yuan.

Looking back at these years in the company, it was initially a fake desktop, even the clothes were broken, and all the internal organs were exposed, and the processor was sayang. With such a computer, it is certainly a joke of the same company. Every time you talk about it, you will laugh at it and say, "Well, it's good to heat your data ."

Later, due to a business trip, Zhou always gave him an Asus Notebook, a 15-inch screen, and the weight could be imagined. The film clearly remembers a business trip to Shenzhen, carrying the guy of about 20 catties To Go To The fire five or six kilometers. In May June, the weather in Shenzhen was very hot, the only idea at that time was: If you have money in the future, you must buy the shortest notebook.

Later on, as a technical manager, of course, he had to have his own good computer. Zhou also knew that besides work, his personal identity is not only a symbol of personal identity, it is also a symbolic identity of a company. No matter how small a company is, managers still want to print their business cards in a golden box. So he had this IBM T43.

Now, I don't know where to go with that miscellaneous desktop, and Asus is also on the bench, but sometimes others are on a business trip for use. To be honest, they did play an important role in that age, and a lot of code was written on them. This reminds me of myself: Three years ago, I am about to leave the company immediately, just like the fake card host, like Asus, and I am also contributing to my retirement. What about later? The company will have new machines, IBM, and better IBM. These employees in the R & D department are all eager to try, just like their own employees.

The film walked out of the office and was surprised to find that Zhu was still sitting in front of the computer. He whispered, "Why not go home ?"

"You haven't left yet. I want to wait for you ."

"No, I can schedule it myself. You should still get off work on time ."

Zhu did not talk about anything. He went out with the film. When he got on the bus, Xiao Zhu spoke and solemnly said, "Do you really want to resign ?"

The film slowly nodded: "Yes, this month is over ."

Zhu said with great disappointment: "Let's guess ."

"Personnel changes are normal. Aren't you new to the company? It's normal for the company to get in and get out ."

Xiao Zhu nodded: "When I first came to the company, I heard them say that you are technically good. More importantly, you have taught us a lot about how to behave. Although we have little contact with each other, but I also want to learn more from you, but now you are about to leave."

The film smiled and said, "when I leave, there are many other people in the company, like Director Zhang, who are no worse than me ."

Zhu was silent for a moment: "What about me? I think I am different from others, because I am a female, but I don't know how I was recruited into the company. When I first arrived, I don't think I can try it."

She looked back and looked at her seriously: "Do you like to write programs ?"

"Of course ."

"That's enough. If you only want to support yourself, I suggest you do other jobs that are suitable for women. I have interviewed many people before. I asked the first question: Do you like to write a program? This job is not the same as other jobs. It is a lot of your interest. If you are interested in technology, you will get rid of the bonuses, salary, and other things, and you will study it at all costs and time to solve it, you will not feel unbalanced in your work and salary, so that you will make rapid progress."

Xiao Zhu did not speak, and the film continued: "Of course, you are a female doll. I know that there are not many female dolls writing programs, but they are all very powerful roles. This may be the case. Men are still not delicate enough. They are too careless and their hearts will be fine. This just makes up for male's shortcomings, so they write programs, it often gives people a bright impression."

"However, many people say that writing a program is not suitable for girls. It is very tired. Just like you, if you do this all your life, you will not be able to stand it, they said they were doing this. Especially, I am a girl ."

The film was a little excited: "Who said it was a meal of youth? This is because they do not understand it. They think that writing a program is writing code. You write code in the company today, but you will know that writing a program is not just writing code all your life. As your technology advances, you will gradually discover that you should pursue higher things, such as software design, or start your own business. I feel that this line of it is quite extensive. Whether you are a male or female, whether your technology is intermediate or advanced, you can find your proper position in this line, if you really use your mind, what it brings to you will be a return of life."

Xiao Zhu nodded while listening and smiled. "A little farther away. What about now? I think you will think that the company is small and not suitable for your development, but I really hope that you can stay in the company for a while, because it will make great progress for you. When I leave, I may leave you with some regrets, but I will leave you more opportunities. It's like some big people are dying. Before they die, they say with a sigh of relief: I am dead, don't be sad, turn grief into strength. ."

In a twinkling of an eye, the shadow should get off the bus. Zhu also calmly said, "I know. I have really realized what others think. I can really learn a lot from you. I will tell you this tomorrow ."


Back home, yaner is still absent. Although she has resigned from the company, she has recently been out and is coming back very late. The film tried to talk to her about this problem, but there was no way. Yan said: "I have no job. What can I do when I stay at home? But what about you? It always limits my freedom ."

Freedom is pursued by everyone. Isn't it because of the open-source "free" spirit that has always been advocated by the shadow and boss Liu? So in order not to allow yaner to talk about his restriction on her freedom, he just said, "I hope you will go home before every day ."

He believes in her, but he also worries about her. Going home at doesn't mean limiting her anything. She is a girl. Of course, I am not afraid of anything, but it is still dangerous to walk alone on the street late at night. Of course she is not afraid of anything, but he is afraid.

However, it is getting longer and longer for yaner to go home. In the end, there will be more than 11 o'clock.

At this time, the shadow will feel extraordinary pain. He wants to write a program and read the developing Series 60 applications. He wants to study P2P and video playing technologies and discuss his plan with boss Liu, if you want to investigate the plug-ins mentioned by your uncle, you must calm down and concentrate on these things, so that you can't worry about your ideas. However, how can Yan calm down before coming back so late? As a result, he keeps chatting with people on QQ to play QQ games, but still cannot. He doesn't know what to talk to others, or even what games to play or how to play.

She wanted to call yaner, but she couldn't. yaner often said, "I am already an adult. Don't call me all the time, so that I will have no face in front of friends, they will think that you have to worry about everything like a child." He wants to fight, but he has to endure it. He hoped that yaner would come back, but every time yaner came back, he had to suppress his excitement and could only say, "Are you back ?"

At last, he ran out at 11 o'clock and called yaner via a public phone. Swallow picked up the phone, and the movie heard the noise around him, as if there were many people. The movie said, "Go home, it's so late, I'll pick you up ."

She was a little surprised: "No, I will be back later ."

"Let me come with you ."

"You don't want to come. I will come back myself ."

At this time, the film heard a voice on the phone saying, "Let him come ."

It must be the voice of her friend. They asked him to come, but she still refused. When I heard this, the film was sad. All her friends could accept it, but she couldn't. He put down his phone helplessly and almost cried.

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