"Crazy Webmaster" 3

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The process of creating a website, the use of skills is very important, first of all should take a memorable station name, and some promotional skills, such as the Forum to keep people, using the media free advertising, to carry out offline activities. Admittedly this is some very good experience, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, there are even some of the skills that sound a bit offensive, that is the technique of speculation: better hurt yourself not to harm, nothing, since the mouth, grandstanding. I am sure that some people engaged in IT industry, not willing to go to hype, read this book before, I think so anyway! For management skills, the author also introduced his own experience, aloof, looming. To always understand the development trend of the website, and the status quo of the website industry, is indeed, netizens do not quarrel with the site is not a good site, when your site every day people quarrel, then your site is not far from success!

"Crazy Webmaster" 3

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