CRC checking of files or data

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Used to perform a CRC check on a file to ensure the correctness of file data transfer.

Nonsense not much to say, directly on the code!


#ifndef crc_32_h#define crc_32_h#ifdef __cplusplusextern "C" {#endifvoid init_crc_table (void); unsigned int crc32 ( unsigned int crc,unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int size);  int CALC_IMG_CRC (const char *in_file, unsigned int *img_crc);  #ifdef __cplusplus} #endif #endif


#include <stdlib.h>/***************************************************** * * name:crc32.c * * Author : * * version:1.0 * * Date: * * DESCRIPTION:CRC32 Checking ************************************** /#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <errno.h > #include <unistd.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <sys/stat.h> #define BUFSIZE 1024*4 S  tatic unsigned int crc_table[256];  const static char * program_name = "CRC32";      /* * * Initialize CRC table, generate 32-bit CRC table */void init_crc_table (void) {unsigned int c;      unsigned int i, J;          for (i = 0; i < i++) {c = (unsigned int) i;              for (j = 0; J < 8; J + +) {if (C & 1) c = 0xedb88320l ^ (c >> 1);          else C = C >> 1;      } Crc_table[i] = C; }/* Calculate the CRC check code for buffer */unsigned int crc32 (unsigned int crc,unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int size) {unsigned int i;      for (i = 0; i < size; i++) {CRC = crc_table[(CRC ^ Buffer[i]) & 0xFF] ^ (CRC >> 8);  } return CRC; }/* * To calculate the CRC check code for large files: crc32 function, is processing a buffer, * * But if a file is relatively large, obviously cannot read directly into the memory * * So only the file fragment read out for CRC check, * * Then the loop will pass the last CRC checksum to the new buffer check function, * * to the end, the generated CRC check code is the CRC check code of the file.      */int CALC_IMG_CRC (const char *in_file, unsigned int *img_crc) {int fd;      int nread;      int ret;      unsigned char buf[bufsize];       /* The first incoming value needs to be fixed, if the sender uses this value to calculate the CRC checksum, * * Then the receiving end also needs to use this value for calculation */unsigned int CRC = 0xFFFFFFFF;      FD = open (In_file, o_rdonly);          if (FD < 0) {printf ("%d:open%s.\n", __line__, Strerror (errno));      return-1;      } while ((nread = Read (FD, buf, BUFSIZE)) > 0) {CRC = CRC32 (CRC, BUF, Nread);      } *IMG_CRC = CRC;      Close (FD); if (Nread < 0) {printf ("%d:read%s.\n", __line__, Strerror (errno));      return-1;  } return 0;      }/*int Main (int argc, char **argv) {int ret;      unsigned int IMG_CRC;      const char *in_file = argv[1];      if (ARGC < 2) {exit (1);      } init_crc_table ();      ret = CALC_IMG_CRC (In_file, &AMP;IMG_CRC);      if (Ret < 0) {exit (1);      } printf ("The CRC of%s is:%u\n", In_file, IMG_CRC);  return 0; }*/

To verify a file:

         Init_crc_table ();         unsigned int bin_crc;         CALC_IMG_CRC (ARGV[1],&BIN_CRC);

To verify the data in the BUF:

     Init_crc_table ();     unsigned int bincrcnew = 0xFFFFFFFF;     Bincrcnew = CRC32 (bincrcnew, (unsigned char*) fwbuff, Binlen);

The simplest makefile Test example:

All:encryptBINencryptBIN:encryptBIN.cpp crc32.cgcc-c crc32.c-o crc32.og++-C encryptbin.cpp-o ENCRYPTBIN.OGCC CRC32.O Encryptbin.o-lstdc++-o encryptbinclean:rm-rf *.o encryptbin

CRC checking of files or data

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