Create a forward lookup zone in the DNS server and create a host record under this zone _dns server

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Create a forward lookup zone and create a host record under this zone webserver, Action steps are as follows:

① Open the (INSMGMT console window, select the DNS server for which you want to create a forward lookup zone, and then select the Action-New Zone command in the menu bar, as shown in Figure 1.)

② pops up the New Zone Wizard dialog box as shown in Figure 2, which guides the user to create a new zone and clicks the Next button.

③ pops up the dialog box shown in Figure 3, selecting the type of zone you want to create Tochinami. Select the primary area single option and click Next.

④ pops up the dialog shown in Figure 4, choosing how Tochinami replicates DNS data on the network. Select the "All domain controllers in ActiveDirectory domain" option and click the Next button.

⑤ pops up the dialog box shown in Figure 5 to determine the type of lookup zone. Select the Forward lookup Zone single option and click Next.

⑥ pops up the dialog box shown in Figure 6 to determine the name of the new zone. In the Zone Name box, enter, and click the Next button.

The ⑦ pop-up, as shown in Figure 7, specifies how dynamic updates are made. Select the "Allow only secure dynamic updates (for aclivedirectory use)" single option, the "Next" button.

⑧ pops up the dialog box shown in Figure 8 to display the settings for the new zone. If you find that some settings are incorrect, you can click the Back button to 冋 the reset. After you confirm that the settings are correct, click Finish to complete the creation of the new zone.

⑨ in the DIISMGMT console, right-click the new zone, and select New Host on the pop-up shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 9.

⑩ pops up the new Host dialog box shown in Figure 10, loses "Webserver" in the Name box, loses "" in the 1P address box, and then clicks the Add Host button to Webserver, is added to the record with the corresponding relationship to the

Through the above steps, you can realize the domain name webserver, resolution to the IP Address service. Repeat this process to add all the host names and IP addresses that need to be resolved.

Tip: The DNS server can set forward lookup zones and reverse lookup zones. A forward lookup zone resolves a domain name to an IP address. For example, in the IE Address bar webserver, after the "Enter" button, the DNS server will be the domain name conversion to IP address, and then access to the relevant Web site is the process of forward lookup zone example. After a forward lookup zone is created, the user enters a DNS name in the address bar, and the server resolves it to an IP address and then accesses the relevant web site. Reverse lookup zone is not necessary to map the IP address of a computer to a domain name that users can easily identify.

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