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If you want to create a Linux system as needed-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information, read the following for details. The company needs to crop a Linux instance. It only needs kernel version 2.6 or above, network, serial port, and desktop
I can't understand what to do online.
The process from downloading the source code to customizing the kernel has been completed.
Make mrporer ---- make menuconfig ------ make all -------- make modules_install ------------ make install
The following is not clear. How can we generate the boot files and the. imgfile?
I am using Fedora12, because I told you on the internet why I changed the Boot Mode to dracut, so now I have downloaded Fedora10,
If I have compiled the kernel under Fedora10 and added it to the startup item, and the new kernel option can be started after the restart, how can I make the installation file,
How can I install a Linux instance that can run on other machines?
Hope the high person to give a clear path. Direction.
Something for Reference
I will give the points that need to go to CSDN, although not very wealthy!
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