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On some hosts, you may not have the permission to modify the system's default pear installation, but want to install your own pear package. In this case, there is also a simple way to achieve:

Create a pear configuration file under your home. pearrc:
$ Pear config-create $ HOME. pearrc

If everything goes well, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, run the following command:
$ Pear config-set download_dir/home/(username)/tmp/pear/cache
$ Pear config-set cache_dir/home/(username)/tmp/pear/cache
$ Pear config-set temp_dir/home/(username)/tmp/pear/temp

Then you can start to install pear, which will be connected to the pear dependency file:
$ Pear install-o PEAR

After this step, pear has been installed. If you want to install other packages, then:
$ Pear install pear/PackageName

In this way, you have a customized pear package. To call these pear packages in your program, you need to thank you for writing some additional code. After all, these codes are not in your shortde_path.


Ini_set (
Ini_get (include_path). PATH_SEPARATOR. "/home/(youruser)/pear/php"

Set_include_path (
Get_include_path ().
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