Create a new ad account, mailbox, and PowerShell script to add a distribution group

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According to the company's needs, wrote a new ad account, mailbox, add a distribution group PowerShell script, first need to edit the CSV file, the format is as follows:

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The code is as follows, added to the group delay of 6 seconds to run, failed to reproduce the attempt 4 times after the function:

import-module activedirectory$erroractionpreference =  "Silentlycontinue" #判断是否有重名账号存在 $f  =   $FalseImport-csv -path d:\newuser\info.csv | foreach {  $a  =  Get-aduser -identity $_.accountif ($a  -ne  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' account already exists in AD. ') $f  =  $true}else{ } $a  =  $null}if ($f  -eq  $true) {echo  Please modify the above username in the CSV file. Rerun the script. cmd /c pauseexit}else{echo  does not have the name of the username, loading the Exchange module and creating a new user account, please wait ... } #新建账号和邮箱 $erroractionpreference  =  "Continue" add-pssnapin$password = convertto-securestring -asplaintext  6yhn^YHN -ForceImport-Csv -Path D:\newuser\Info.csv | foreach {   New-Mailbox -Name $ -Alias $_.account -OrganizationalUnit  ' /teset/newuser '  -UserPrincipalName  ($_.account+ ' @teset. com ')  -samaccountname $_.account -displayname $ -password  $password  -Database  ' User04 '  -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon  $true} $erroractionpreference  =  "Silentlycontinue" #添加到相应的组choice  /t 6 /d y /n | out-nullimport-csv -path d:\newuser\info.csv | foreach {$b  = 1$b =  add-adprincipalgroupmembership -identity $_.account -memberof shofficeif ($b  -eq   $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' join Shoffice Group success ')}else{$b  = add-adprincipalgroupmembership - Identity $_.account -memberof shofficeif ($b  -eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' Join Shoffice Group Success ')}else{$b  = add-adprincipalgroupmembership -identity $_.account - Memberof shofficeif ($b  -eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' join Shoffice Group success ')}else{$b  =  Add-adprincipalgroupmembership -identity $_.account -memberof shofficeif ($b  -eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' join Shoffice Group Success ')}else{echo  ($_.account+ ' join Shoffice Group failed!!) ')}}}} $c  = 2$c = add-adprincipalgroupmembership -identity $_.account - Memberof $_.group1if ($c  -eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' join ' +$_.group1+ ' group success ')}else{$c  =  add-adprincipalgroupmembership -identity $_.account -memberof $_.group1if ($c  - eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' join ' +$_.group1+ ' group success ')}else{$c  = add-adprincipalgroupmembership  -identity $_.account -memberof $_.group1if ($c  -eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' Join ' +$_.group1+ ' group success ')}else{$c  = add-adprincipalgroupmembership -identity $_.account - Memberof $_.group1if ($c  -eq  $null) {echo  ($_.account+ ' join ' +$_.group1+ ' group Success ')}else{echo  ( $_.account+ ' join ' +$_.group1+ ' group failed! ')}}} cmd /c  "Pause"

After successful execution:

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Create a new ad account, mailbox, and PowerShell script to add a distribution group

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