Create a new MAVEN project in 7.Eclipse

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First step: First import the two maven project Hello and hellofriendcreated by the previous command line.

Method: Select the file-->import-->existing MAVEN PROJECTS option to select the corresponding project path to import

Step two: Construct the purpose of the Hello and hellofriend items sequentially

Method: Right-click on the respective project pom.xml file and select the maveninstall command in run as to install the widget into the warehouse

Step three: Create a third maven project through Eclipse . Select the file-->new-->other-->mavenproject option

Fourth step: Create a new file in Src/main/java

Package Cn.toto.maven;

public class Makefriends {

public stringmakefriends (String name) {

hellofriendfriend = new Hellofriend ();

friend.sayhellotofriend ("Litingwei");  

String str= "Hey," +friend.getmyname () + "make a friend.";

System.out.println (str);




Fifth step: Create a new file in Src/test/java

Package Cn.toto.maven;

Import static junit.framework.Assert.assertEquals;

Import static org.junit.assert.*;

Import Org.junit.Test;

public class Makefriendstest {


Public voidtestmakefriends () {

makefriendsmakefriend = new Makefriends ();

String str= makefriend.makefriends ("Tuzuoquan");

assertequals ("Hey,johnmake a friend please.", str);     



Sixth step: Click on the root directory pom.xml add dependencies
















Seventh Step: Right-click pom.xml Select command execution in run as

Create a new MAVEN project in 7.Eclipse

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