Create a new warehouse on GitHub and upload a local project

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The project temporarily uses the original Springmvcdemo project that was built in the previous article:

1. First, login to GitHub, click New Repository, and the following interface will appear:

Fill in the name of the warehouse, here my name is the name of my project, as for the other tick items are not for the time being,. Gitignore, Readme file will explain what these are.

2. Clicking Create Repository creates the repository and jumps to the following interface.

The location specified by the Red line is the command that initializes the local project to the warehouse on GitHub.

3. First enter the local project directory, continuous input in step 2 of the command

OK, the above is the local project, the first time to submit to GitHub, after the first commit, then there are file changes, the most basic is the above command git add, git commit, git push, of course, because it is a project, So we're going to add the. gitignore file to the GIT remote repository by submitting some unnecessary folders or IDE configuration files.
Add the. gitignore file, push the file to the remote repository, and then you can write the code with confidence, and git will serve our project as the repository for the code.

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