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Step 1: First, let's take a look at the file directory to be created locally.

/jun_demo    |-- _config.yml    |-- _layouts    |   |-- default.html     |-- _posts    |   |-- 2014-06-26-hello-world.html    |-- index.html

Config. yml: configuration settings

_ Layouts: Template storage folder

Default.html: file template

_ Posts: directory for storing blog articles

2014-06-26-hello-world-html: blog article

Index.html: homepage of the article

Step 2: Configuration

// Create the folder jun_demo and perform git Initialization on the directory
$ Mkdir jun_demo
$ CD jun_demo $ git init
//Create a branch GH-pages without a parent node. The website is generated only on pages in the branch.
$ Git checkout -- orphan GH-pages

Step 3:Add content to the file directory created above

1 config. yml (only set this property for other properties see:


2 default.html

<!DOCTYPE html>

3 2014-06-26-hello-world-html (the part between "---" is the blog page settings, where layout is the selection template and title is page. Title)

--- Layout: default title: Hello, world --- <H2 >{{ page. title }}</H2> <p> my first article </P> <p >{{ page. date | date_to_string }}</P>

4 index.html

--- Layout: default title: my blog --- <H2> {page. title }}</H2> <p> latest article </P> <ul> {% for post in site. posts %} <li >{{ post. date | date_to_string }}< a href = "{site. baseurl }{{ post. URL }}" >{{ post. title }}</A> </Li >{% endfor %} </ul>

Step 4:Submit

// Add to local database
$ Git Add. $ git commit-M "First Post"
// Replace username in the service library with your GitHub account name, And jun_demo.git also serves as your repository name on the server.
$ Git remote add origin
$ Git push origin GH-pages

Step 5:Visit your site at (replace username with your username)

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