Create a PostGIS spatial database

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Open Psql (Search in the Start menu or go to Psql console under Pgadmin's plugin menu)
After entering the database, use the following statement to create the database (this is still a normal database)
Create DATABASE xx;
Go to your new XX database:
\c xx;
Then enter the official website to add the extension statements (available on the official website):
--Enable PostGIS (includes raster)
--Enable topology
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;
--Enable PostGIS Advanced 3D
--and other geoprocessing algorithms
--Sfcgal not available with all distributions
CREATE EXTENSION Postgis_sfcgal;
--fuzzy matching needed for Tiger
--rule based Standardizer
CREATE EXTENSION Address_standardizer;
--Example rule data set
CREATE EXTENSION Address_standardizer_data_us;
--Enable US Tiger Geocoder
CREATE EXTENSION Postgis_tiger_geocoder;
The comparison shows that the Mygis (spatial database) I created was 5 more extensions than the normal database, 3 architectures

Create a PostGIS spatial database

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