Create a run Management VirtualBox virtual machine on windows with vagrant

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Baidu Encyclopedia: Vagrant is a ruby-based tool for creating and deploying virtualized development environments. It uses Oracle's Open source VirtualBox virtualization system to create automated virtual environments using chef.
1. With vagrant, I can quickly automate the creation of new virtual machines from the template box virtual machine, start-and-stop virtual machines, develop tests, and do not use destroy virtual machines.
2.Vagrant supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, so windows, MacOS users are blessed., download from, you can also make your own box

My tests:
Install the necessary software on Windows, download the virtual machine box file, create a virtual machine template configuration file, produce a virtual machine, run a Run ~ ~ ~

Download Install VirtualBox for Windows

Download install vagrant Software, install, restart Windows Server as prompted

On the website, find Ubuntu precise VirtualBox
Download file, approximately 300 MB

Go to DOS command line
CD \
MD Cloud (Cloud is just a learning directory of my Own)
CD Cloud
Copy the here.

Add to vagrant inside, name Devstack5
Vagrant Box Add–name Devstack5
==> Box:box file is not detected as metadata. Adding it directly ...
==> box:adding Box ' devstack5 ' (V0) for provider:
box:unpacking Necessary Files From:file://c:/cloud/
box:progress:100% (rate:980m/s, estimated time remaining:–:–:–)
==> box:successfully added box ' devstack5 ' (v0) for ' VirtualBox '!

View Box list
Vagrant Box List
DEVSTACK5 (VirtualBox, 0)

Initialize the virtual machine configuration file (template? )
Vagrant Init Devstack5
A has been placed in the this Vagrantfile directory. You is now
Ready to vagrant up your first virtual environment! Please read
The comments in the Vagrantfile as well as documentation on
vagrantup.comFor more information on using Vagrant.

Look at this file.
Copy overlay content, comments script #config. Vm.provision "Shell", Path: ""

The first time you start a virtual machine, the VirtualBox virtual machine is created automatically based on the Vagrantfile file above
Vagrant up

To see, in the following directory, there are the virtual machine files that you just created and are running, ah, good large vmdk virtual machine image file!
C:\Users\Administrator\VirtualBox VMs

Start the Oracle VirtualBox GUI program to see which virtual machines are running merrily
Login username vagrant, password vagrant
You can change the root password. sudo passwd root

Well, create a virtual template and launch a virtual machine.

Now I want to use this virtual machine template, and then create a virtual machine.

Vagrant Box Add–name OpenStack
MD OpenStack
CD OpenStack
Vagrant Init OpenStack generates a new virtual machine configuration file (template?). )
Vagrant Box List
Vagrant up
Ha, start a virtual machine again! Praise!

Vagrant Halt: Stop
Vagrant up: Boot, first boot is clone a new VM, and boot
Vagrant destroy: Left Hem, right hem, I'm tired of playing, kill the virtual machine process and physical files, recycling resources!

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Create a run Management VirtualBox virtual machine on windows with vagrant

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