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We often have some privacy files on our computers, but how do we build a folder where someone else can't get in and can't delete it? Let's take a look at the following with small knitting.

The first step: in the operation of the input cmd, enter, open the Command line window;

Step two: Switch to the hard disk partition where you want to create the folder in the command Line window, such as D, and enter: D:

Step three: Enter MD xue8. Enter, note the folder name after 2 decimal points;

OK, all right, look at your D-disk. Is there a folder called Xue8? It is both inaccessible and cannot be deleted! Just try it if you don't believe it.

So, if you want to delete or enter this folder, what should be done?  It's also very simple. If you want to delete, enter Rd Xue8 in the Command line window ... Enter, you can delete, of course, please confirm before deleting the documents are not needed, do not delete the wrong.

If you want to enter, enter the start D:xue8 in the Command line window ... Note here must be the absolute path of the folder, otherwise can not open this folder, you can do whatever you want to let others see the information put in!

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