Create a simple event Receiver in VS

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An event sink is an effective way to add triggers to a SharePoint solution.

1. Create a testlist list at the site.

2. Admin Identity opens VS, creates event receiver events receiver.

3. Name Simpleeventreceiver, deploy as a farm solution, click Next.

4. Select list item events, announcements notification list, adding items.

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5. Click Finish.

6. Modify the SimpleEventReceiver.cs file, which adds a new item to another list:

Using System;
Using System.Security.Permissions;
Using Microsoft.SharePoint;
Using Microsoft.SharePoint.Security;
Using Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities;
Using Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow; namespace Simpleeventreceiver.simpleeventreceiver {///<summary>///list item Events///</summary> public class Simpl eeventreceiver:spitemeventreceiver {///<summary>///is adding items.///</summary> public override void Itemadding
(Spitemeventproperties properties)
{String eventName = "Event List:"; Base.
Itemadding (properties);
Loganannouncement (properties, eventName); private void Loganannouncement (Spitemeventproperties properties, String eventName) {string listtitle = properties.
Be sure to replace the URL reference below with your//sharepoint server URL.
String mysiteurl = "http://smallville-pc:1528/";
DateTime currentdate = DateTime.Now; using (SPSite mysitecollection = new SPSite (Mysiteurl)) {using (SPWeb Myspsite = mysitecollection.rootweb) {SPList mySPList = myspsite.lists["Testlist"];
SPListItem Newlistitem = MySPList.Items.Add ();
newlistitem["Title"] = eventName + ListTitle + "@" + currentdate.tolongtimestring ();
Newlistitem.update (); }

7. Deployment.

8. In the Announcements notification list, add a new notification.

9. Navigating to the Testlist list will reveal new items.

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