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How to create a website that is popular in style and design? We can start with the following methods.

> Simple Layout

Generally agree that simple page performance is better, browsing the site your eyes do not have to wander around the page looking for what you want, while browsing the process is also a more peaceful and stable browsing experience.

> Center Positioning

Now the design of the site can see the content began to appear in the center of the screen, more of the use of central positioning, the goal is clear.

> Use 3D effect sparingly

There are some beautiful 3D icons or effects to distinguish the page or use some very "jump" with the relief and shadow of the icon, adding a little sense of space!

> page style and background color to be soft, natural

At present, many websites have a simple background, such as happy campus and other sites. Such a background provides a soft and neutral environment.

> Bright colors (to be used carefully)

Soft, natural features provide an excellent foundation, highlighting the contrast of tonal is very suitable for other important elements on the page, can guide the user's eyes.

> Cute icons (also to be used with caution)

These sites have some lovely icons, or 3d or other web2.0, Korean style icons, so that the entire site's impression deepened, but not on the same page to use too many good-looking elements, eye-catching colors, 3D effects, beautiful icons and buttons to add some sparkle to the page, Give a person a high quality of feeling. However, if used indiscriminately, there will be a superposition effect, causing the page to become confused, (this will affect the user's attention).

> There are many white leaves

The biggest change is that today's web design style is very simple and refreshing, very clear, as if just experienced a deep breath. The appropriate size to leave white, the elements on the page there is enough space between. From browsing and reading and looking for the main content and so on, need to be looked around a certain amount of space,

> Clear Large Fonts

Make important text larger than normal text, and in large characters lets visitors quickly understand what the page is about, what is important, and where they can find what they want.

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