Create a VM and install centos

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  1. Create a VM

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2. select Custom

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3. Select Workstation 6 of the highest version, and the compatible hardware of earlier versions is limited.

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4. Select the OS and version to be installed on the VM.

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5. Customize the Virtual Machine name and installation location

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6. Your computer has a CPU. It is useless to select two processors.

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7. The system will automatically allocate resources based on the installed system. If your computer memory is large, it can be allocated larger.

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8. You need to select a bridging network for networking. You do not need to select a network connection.

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9. Select the virtual disk device interface type

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Buslogic is a very old technology with a much lower I/O performance than LSI. buslogic is effective for some old systems, such as 2000. LSI logic has the best compatibility. 2. The performance of LSI is similar to that of SAS. Windows 20003 defaults to LSI and 2008 defaults to LSI sas3. VMware paravirtual (pvsci), which is the SCSI controller of VMware's own virtual machine.

10. Create a Virtual Disk

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11. Disk Type

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Differences between IDE and SCSI:

IDE is called "integrated drive electronics" in English, that is, "Electronic Integrated drive", which is intended to be a hard drive that integrates the "hard drive controller" with the "disk body, low Price and strong compatibility.

SCSI is called the "small computer system interface" (a small computer system interface). It is a completely different interface from IDE (ATA). Ide interface is a standard interface of a general PC, SCSI is not an interface specially designed for hard disks, but a high-speed data transmission technology widely used on minicomputers. The SCSI interface has the advantages of wide application range, multi-task, high bandwidth, low CPU usage, and hot swapping. However, the high price makes it difficult to popularize like an IDE hard disk, therefore, SCSI hard disks are mainly used in medium and high-end servers and high-end workstations.

12. Set the disk size, which is not immediately occupied,

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When the number of Virtual Disk Files increases, the Virtual Disk size increases, and the size of the Virtual Disk Files increases. Even if the files in the virtual machine are deleted, the Virtual Disk Files will not decrease. When more files are put in the virtual machine, but the disk of the virtual machine is full, the system in the virtual machine will crash or the VMware software will pop up an error prompt box.

13. Customize the location where the Virtual Disk information is saved

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Although we have created a 10 GB disk space, as mentioned above, it will not be occupied immediately, and the disk will become larger as the number of Disk Files increases.

14. Creation complete

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Next we will start to install the Operating System

1. Select the "Settings" option in the menu bar.

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2. You can also click "Edit Virtual Machine Settings" in the command bar and select the image file of the ISO operating system you downloaded.

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Download the OS to recommend the site msdn I Tell You

3. Start the VM.

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4. Start to install the Operating System

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5. system installation is complete

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6. click "create virtual machine snapshot" on the toolbar. If you do whatever you want, the system will automatically restore to the original state by clicking "Restore Virtual Machine snapshot". You can create multiple snapshots, mom no longer needs to worry about a computer failure of 650) This. width = 650; "alt =" j_0057.gif "src =" "/>

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8. snapshot recovery Error

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"Error restoring snapshot insufficient permission" is a problem of insufficient permissions.


1) Close VMware software.
2) goto run "cmd ".
3) attrib "the virtual host directory fullpath"-r-s.

The directory where my VM is located is E: \ VM \ Linux, so the command I used is "attrib" E: \ VM \ Linux "-r-s"
4) Reopen VMware software.

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Success 650) This. width = 650; "alt =" j_0005.gif "src =" "/>

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Create a VM and install centos

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