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The company has two servers empty ...... It has no effect. We plan to use it for the VM service next year.
I found some virtual host management systems on the Internet, which are useless. Basically, they are all database operations. I seldom think about FTP, IIS, and MAIL operations for a long time. I still want to write it myself!
Part 1 virtual host management system planning
Functions required by the program include:
(1) Order Submission methods are diverse: non-members can directly submit product orders. Real-time product activation can be defined as manual activation.
(2) free trial time setting: you can set the trial time for a specific product, in days.
(3) simplified management interface operations: compared with other similar products, the system operation interface is flexible, especially in finance.
(4) select more domain name interfaces: it can accommodate multiple real-time domain name registration management interfaces at the same time.
(4) exclusive product gift function: each product can define a maximum of three gift items, such as buying a host to send a domain name to the Post Office.
(5) exclusive package definition function: you can define any combo package within five products.
(6) powerful system query functions: the administrator's background has many query functions and can quickly locate the required records.
(7) unlimited provisioning of proxy systems: the use of system recursion allows an unlimited number of sub-agent systems.
(8) support for online server restart on the background
System modules can be divided:
(1) real-time registration management module for top-level domain names
(2) Real-time management module for virtual hosts
(3) enterprise Post Office real-time management module
(4) MSSQL database management module
(5) order submission module for non-real-time products (including Chinese domain names, General websites, website promotions, rental hosting, and website construction)
(6) financial management module
(7) Log Query module (including order query, Operation query, and logon query)
(8) member management module
(9) system setting module
(10) important server service restart modules (including FTP/SMTP/POP3/IIS/DNS/MSSQL and other services)
(11) Information Communication Management (including industry news publishing management, website notification publishing management, and automatic mail sending template)
(12) English domain names, virtual hosts, enterprise post offices, and MSSQL have independent control panels
To be continued ....

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