Create a zone in Solaris

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Create a zone in Solaris (in practice)
1. Create and configure zone Parameters
Zonecfg-Z MoC
MoC: no such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin creating a new zone.
Zonecfg: MOC> Create # create a zone
Zonecfg: MOC> set zonepath =/export/home/MOC # Set the directory where the zone file is located
Zonecfg: MOC> set autoboot = true # Set the zone to automatically start when the host is started.
Zonecfg: MOC> Add net # Add Network
Zonecfg: MoC: Net> set physical = elxl0 # Set the physical Nic used by the Zone
Zonecfg: MoC: Net> set address = # Set the IP address used by the zone. After the setting is successful, the IP address is bound to the physical network card of the system. Use ifconfig-a to view the IP address.
Zonecfg: MoC: Net> end # network configuration completed
Zonecfg: MOC> commit # submit configuration information. In fact, the configuration information is transferred from the memory to the hard disk configuration file.
Zonecfg: MOC> export # export configuration information and print the configuration information on the screen
Zonecfg: MOC> verify # confirm that the required resources are correctly configured and that zonepath has been set
Zonecfg: MOC> exit # exit zonecfg
Zoneadm-z moc install # Install the zone based on the Zone configuration information from the previous commit
Zoneadm-z moc boot # Start Zone

2. Configure the system in the Zone
Zlogin-c moc # log on to the Zone and enter the operating system installation and configuration interface, including language selection and user information configuration.

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