Create and invoke the WebService interface sample in PHP, WebService sample _php Tutorial

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Example of creating and invoking WebService interfaces in PHP, webservice example

As a developer, to write a webservice interface or call someone else's WebService interface, you first need to know what WebService is. Simply put, WebService is some of the site to open some services, it can be your own development of service, that is, some methods, through the URL, specify a method name, make a request, the site of this service (method), received your request, according to the parameters passed over, do some processing, The processed results are then returned in XML to you, and your program parses the XML data and then displays it or does other things.

Write WebService need to understand: the underlying Web services platform is XML + HTTP, in addition to elements of the Web services Platform: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), UDDI (general description, Discovery, and integration), WSDL (Web Services Description language); Any webservice includes both the client and the server. Here's an example of how to write a WebService interface with PHP to get someone to call:

First you need to build a. wsdl file, so how does PHP build this file? There are two ways to do this, one is to build directly with the Zend Studio tool, and the other is that PHP automatically generates WSDL files based on SoapDiscovery.class.php, and which one chooses according to their own circumstances, I usually use the former so fast. Here's how to use the class to generate the WSDL file, first need to download the class file on the Internet, and then introduce the class file, look at the following code:
Copy the Code code as follows: <?php
Include_once (' service.php ');
Include_once (' SoapDiscovery.class.php ');
$WSDL =new soapdiscovery (' service ', ' soap ');//The first parameter is the class name and the name of the generated WSDL service.wsdl, the second parameter is the service name can be written casually
$WSDL->getwsdl ();
This allows the WSDL file to be generated by running the creat_wsdl.php file. Isn't it simple?
Any webservice needs to be bound to an implementation class. In other words, the WSDL file called by others is actually the method of implementing the class, and the following code is the service-side class file
Copy the Code code as follows: <?php
Class Service
Public Function Hello ()
echo ' Hello good ';
Public function Add ($a, $b)
return $a + $b;
$server =soapserver (' service.php ', Array (' Soap_version ' =>soap_1_2));
$server->setclass (' service ');//Register All methods of service class
$server->handle ();//Processing request

After the server and WSDL files are written, the client calls are required. See the client calling code:

Copy the Code code as follows: <?php
Ini_set (' soap.wsdl_cache_enabled ', ' 0 ');//Close cache
$soap =new soapclient (' ');
echo $soap->add ();
echo $soap->_soapcall (' Add ', array)//or This call can also

This is a complete write WebService interface and the instance code of the call, hope to be helpful to the need of phper;
Then calling someone else's WebService interface is called by the code written by client.php.

How PHP calls the Web service interface

Use SoapClient bar, not difficult, if you are Java should be more no problem! If there is a problem can be specific communication!

PHP calls Java's WebService interface

Interfaces can be called directly; the parameter type is the key true techarticle Create and invoke the WebService interface sample in PHP, webservice example as a developer, to write WebService interface or call someone else's WebService interface, first need to understand what is w ...

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