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Do the individual webmaster know, Baidu in search rankings given its products such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu Library, Baidu experience the weight is very high, so Baidu's full line of products has become a search optimization plus the chain of preferred position. Almost every webmaster wants to increase their site's external chain through Baidu's products, increase the weight of the site, but with the recent years of Baidu's related product strategy to adjust, we will find through Baidu Encyclopedia and Baidu know to do outside the chain more and more difficult, the inclusion of the content of the chain of information through the audit of the probability of a significant reduction, The days that you used to write and add a chain can never be published. However, as a webmaster, Baidu This position is no way to give up, we can only adjust their own strategy to adapt to the requirements of Baidu, so as to achieve their own purposes.


Baidu Encyclopedia now has a very large amount of information, we site Baidu Encyclopedia can be seen, Baidu has included the encyclopedia 7.5 million data, although the site is sometimes not very accurate data, but nearly tens of millions of data should be almost. Because the encyclopedia entries are listed in accordance with the number of incremental alignment down, interested friends can test, see encyclopedia entry now how many have been built, I tried a rough morning, about 9.7 million.

Baidu's product line is many, each item needs certain operation skill to obtain the ideal goal. Here today is mainly to share with everyone is a personal Baidu encyclopedia products when some of the small sentiment, I hope to those who do not know how to add to the Baidu encyclopedia inside the chain of information to help friends.

Compared to the time when the entry is perfect, add the chain, when the entry is created, the pass rate of the link address is much higher. So when you create an entry, do you have some tips to pay attention to? (With encyclopedia entry "Jiangnan style" as an example):

1. The entry should preferably be preceded by an overview indicating the subject content.

This is similar to our storytelling, start with the next question, outlining the terms of the general content and background.


2. The list of entries should be clear and neatly formatted.

According to the attributes of the entry to set a level two headings, each title below the content of the best to separate the content of the entries. Typesetting a little to be refreshing, make a mess, even if the content is very good, edit a look at your layout so messy, the chance to cut off is very high.


3. The content of the entry should be rich, illustrated.

When creating an entry, as much as possible to enrich the content of the entry, the more detailed the individual feel that the passage rate of entry is higher. Simply get a 2-3 paragraph of text, it is easy to be clicked off. It's also best to match the relevant pictures in your entry so that the entry looks fuller and easier to get through.


4. The entry requires third party references from the authoritative website.

Wikipedia can not rely on the content of your own editors to trust you are standing in an objective and impartial position to explain the entry, so you need to add some of the entries have been well-known sites or media announced confirmed information to support, to want to pass the passage, the reference content is bound to add, generally we can choose Encyclopedia has entries, Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other large portal site entry related information to be cited.


5. Effective in the extension of reading to add the target site's outside the chain

Believe this is the main purpose of most webmaster to do encyclopedia entries. Now in the expansion of reading directly add the target station home address through the probability has been very low (encyclopedia editor Super High other than the scope of this article), directly plus the target site Home Link Audit Editor Most will think you have obvious advertising suspicion. So we have to create an entry to add outside the chain before we have to write an article in their own target site with a great relevance to the entry, and then expand the reading to join this article in the page address, so the probability of passing is very high. But this is to do Taobao guest friend may also pay attention to, in addition to expand reading, your internal page article to add Amoy customers to promote the address, and so on after the entry through, you modify their own station in the article add the address can be.


Many friends may say, now where are there so many new entries that you can create for yourself? Yes, now the new entry is really hard to think about, but you know, Baidu Encyclopedia is still a lot of new entries are created, there is still content to do. For example, you can pay attention to Baidu's search hot words list, see today there are those popular words and hot events new occurrences, these are the encyclopedia entry is very good material.

Baidu Encyclopedia of the higher level of editing, the rate of creation of the entry is higher, so we not only want to think about how to create the entry chain, but also strive to improve through daily modification and other operations, to enhance their own encyclopedia edit account level, so that in the future, the construction of the addition of external chain operations will become easier, The promotion of their own website is also faster.

The above is an individual in the creation of Wikipedia entry when some of the small ideas, may be a lot of friends in the creation of encyclopedia entries have their own unique and effective methods, welcome to read more discussions, common through the encyclopedia to improve the weight of their own site. This article by, Hangzhou tourism Information Network Starting, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

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