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To create a custom specification for a Windows system, you must install the Microsoft sysprep tool in the vcenter Server System and install different operating systems in the corresponding folder. To customize Linux client operating system specifications, you must have Perl installed in the Linux client system. After confirming the preparation, create a 32-bit specification for Windows 2003 r2. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1. On the vsphere client homepage, select "Custom specification manager ",

650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" qq20141028205210.png "alt =" wkiom1rpmgrwdg_faamomtwzgio965.jpg "/> Step 2. In the custom specification manager, click the new button,

650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" qq20151128205236.png "alt =" wkiol1rpmnkh0dibaaink1qzf1o097.jpg "/> Step 3. In the" custom client "Wizard, select windows from the operating system menu of the target Virtual Machine to customize the sysprep response file as a file that stores many custom settings (such as the computer name, license information, and workgroup or domain settings.

The custom specification manager can provide a custom sysprep response file, which can be used to complete many specified settings in the "custom client" Wizard. Therefore, this is an alternative. Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP use a text file called sysprep. INF. Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 use an XML file called sysprep. xml. You can use a text editor to create these files, or use the Microsoft Setup Manager Utility to generate these files. In the "Custom specification information" text box, enter the specification name and description, and click "Next,

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Step 4. Enter the name and unit of the VM owner, and click "Next,

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Step 5. Specify how to determine the computer name of the client operating system. If the "Enter name" option is selected, enter a name in the text box. The name must comply with the naming rules, it can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens (-), but cannot contain periods or spaces. It cannot only consist of numbers, and the names are case-insensitive; if you select the "use virtual machine name" option, the name of the computer created by vcenter server is the same as the name of the virtual machine that is running in the client operating system. If the name exceeds 15 characters, it will be truncated; if you select "Enter name in deployment wizard", after cloning or deployment is complete, the vsphere client prompts you to enter a name. After the selection, click "Next,

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Step 6: The system requires that the Windows operating system license information be provided. Enter the required information and click "Next, (if it is Windows 2008, Windows R2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, the system is not activated automatically and requires manual Internet connection or phone activation .)

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Step 7. Enter the password of the Administrator account and confirm it again. Note: The administrator password can be changed only when the Administrator on the active windows virtual machine is empty. If the source windows virtual machine or template already has a password, the administrator password will not change,

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Step 8. Select the time zone of the VM and click "Next,

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Step 9. On the "Run Once" interface, specify the command that the user runs when logging on to the client operating system for the first time, and then click the "Next" button,

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Step 10. Select the network setting type to apply to the client operating system. You can select the "custom settings" option to manually set a fixed IP address,

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Step 11. On the workgroup and domain interfaces, select the method for adding the virtual machine to the network and click "Next,

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Step 12: on the Operating System Options page, select the "generate new Security ID (SID)" check box. Sid is the unique number that identifies the user, group, and computer account. When this account is created for the first time, a unique SID is published for each account. If the system Sid is the same, some system functions may be abnormal. Click "Next,

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Step 13. Click "finish" to save the changes,

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This specification has been created. We can use this specification to create and deploy Windows 2003 r2 x86 virtual machines. If you are targeting different operating systems, we recommend that you create different specifications for each system.

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Create custom specifications

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