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Most database development teams master database objects through the database owner (dbo). The database developer connects to the development database, and the database has other users for the connection in addition to the dbo.

Sometimes the developer creates a database object that is not named with the dbo beginning. The result: The database is in the hands of the user (account number) of the database, which the developer is using to connect to the database.

To reduce this problem, help developers, and lead the novice to use the standard development method, we use SQL Mail to create daily reports for all data objects without dbo.

It is advantageous to have database developers subordinate to a group in the same domain, with the following factors:

You can parse this group in the same domain and create an NT Authentication login for each developer on each SQL Server.
You can match the NT Authentication login to the database user of each database.
You can map database users to e-mail and send all database objects in non-dbo reports to users with corresponding E-amail addresses.
The database administrator should be subordinate to a group that is differentiated by different emails, and they can copy all data object reports that are not dbo. The database administrator can track the developer to see if the owner of the database is returned to dbo.

There are two objects that have the same name and belong to different owners, which is a headache for the database developer. Development day down, developers may use database objects that do not start with dbo. The next day, however, the database developer will start using the DBO, which results in a different result from the previous night. It may take a few hours for the developer to debug these different results. Non-dbo All database object reports will help remind developers before developers waste a lot of development time debugging.

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