Create magma hot text effects in Photoshop

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1th Step

First open "background texture" with Photoshop, and then use the Word tool (T) to write your text. In this tutorial I use the Helvetica Font LT standard, but you can apply these techniques to any other font or shape. To achieve the same results as mine, create text using the Helvetica Font LT standard. In the Role panel window > characters, change size to 425 PT and kerning-25.

2nd Step

Notice that the letter "D" is still a bit close to the letter "s" to solve this problem by putting the text tool cursor between the letters "D" and "s", and then changing the kerning value-305. The distance between letters must be kept consistent.

3rd Step

Double-click PSD to open a thumbnail of the Layer style panel layer. Apply these effects.

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