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In the web domain, Java is also constantly exploring and improving, starting with the JSP--->struts1--->struts2+spring--->spring MVC--->springboot . In the web domain, the Java framework is constantly changing and improving. Spring Boot integrates the dependency package environment required by spring MVC into a large package environment, facilitates rapid development, is particularly suitable for building microservices systems, and encapsulates a variety of frequently used packages such as MyBatis, Hibernate, Redis, MongoDB and so on. Since Java does not have the same properties as other languages (C #), Spring combines IOC and AOP techniques to annotate the Pojo to the context, without the cumbersome XML configuration that makes the call flexible and convenient to use. This paper mainly set up the process of self-springboot+mybatisplus+thymeleaf to record, easy to learn to use later.


Idea 2017.02 + Maven +jdk1.8+oracle10g

Since Springboot is integrated with Tomcat, there is no need to configure Tomcat for direct debugging.


Create Maven Springboot project on idea

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