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Network Marketing How to do, in order to excavate a large number of new business from the network? The Internet era you still stay in the business without the idea of expanding the sales force, you are out!

This series of articles will be used in popular language to introduce the website operation of the common practice of Daniel, website SEO is not as difficult as you imagine! The point is to understand and stick to it!

The previous article "SME website optimization skills of the website of TDK" introduced the website of what TDK is (title, description, keywords), then this article, will take specific products as an example of the actual operation of TDK.

First, log into the site system backstage, from the left menu bar to find product management = = "Add products, click to open the page to add products;"

Then the first step, select your product corresponding product catalog, the first input box, is the title of your product, that is, the page in the previous article 3 elements of TDK's t, that is, title,

Fill in the title of your product and write the main points:

1, generally not more than 80 words, so, the title as short as possible, but also not too short, the keyword of your product included in the better, for example:


This product, title: Rigid casing Heat-resistant test device | Ball Pressure Tester | Ball pressure test device

If this product has more than one name, then all fill in, of course, the most commonly used names to be ranked in front, if others often search for the product model, such as three-terminal regulator element 7805, then many people may directly search 7805, then the title, 7805 will be written in front, then the three-terminal regulator. And sometimes, maybe others typing wrong, you also need to put the wrong wording/call, also fill in, so that people even if the input error, your results can be presented to him.

2, Product Description is the three elements of D, product description of the input place (different site system may be very big difference, and even some of the site system does not have this input box)

In this place fill in the basic description of your product, the same, in the description, insert your product's main keywords (that is, others go to Baidu to find this product, search for words), and then try to use advertising, marketing language to describe your product clearly, so that others in search of your product, In the search results see the following description, there will be a click on the impulse to enter your site, your product may be sold, and your site will continue to improve the rankings.

3, K, that is , the keywords of the Web page, a product keyword up to not more than 3, with a space or a comma separated (not clear the difference between the English and Chinese characters are separated by space), fill in the location as shown in the SEO keyword.

Write in the back, the following body part, that is, product details, or need to try to more detailed text introduction. As far as possible around the product development, there are related text, picture information, all uploaded up, as far as possible.

The wrong approach:

1, only upload product images, do not fill in the Product Details text (over-concise)

2, Product Details do very precise, is directly a whole picture , is the product book corresponding to the product details of the design, directly moved to the site. Remember, search engines do not recognize the contents of the text inside the picture, so, the text expressed, or the need for text expression. To design sense, more beautiful words, in the editor in the re-typesetting, do not lazy.

3, only upload text no pictures , product details as far as possible, is said with the product-related text, pictures, videos, etc. can be uploaded up, the more detailed the better!

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Create Network Marketing Weapon-1th-TDK set up real-site optimization advanced

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