Create (or delete) a database, table

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1. Basic statements for creating a database

CREATE DATABASE database_name

* NOTE: database_name is the name of the database you want to create

1.1 Deleting a database statement

DROP DATABASE database_name

2. Create a data table

CREATE TABLE table_name

* NOTE: table_name is the name of the database you want to create

2.1 Delete A statement from a data table

DROP TABLE database_name

Here is an example of a normal point: see the following code:

1Use master--working with System databases2 GO3IF EXISTS (SELECT * from sysdatabases WHERE name=n'Db_mystudentlife')   4DROP DATABASE [Db_mystudentlife]; --if the database to be created exists, delete the5 GO6CREATE DATABASE [Db_mystudentlife]--Create a database7 GO8Use [Db_mystudentlife]--Working with Databases9 GOTenIF EXISTS (SELECT * from sysobjects WHERE name=n'MyClass') OneDROP TABLE [MyClass]--If the data table you want to create exists, delete it (note that the sysobjects must be all lowercase, otherwise there is an error and cannot be written in uppercase.) ) A GO -CREATE TABLE MyClass--Create a data table - ( thec_id INT not NULL PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY (1,1), --class Number -C_name NVARCHAR ( $) notNULL,               --class name -C_DESCR nvarchar (max) notNULL--Class Introduction -   + ); - GO +IF EXISTS (SELECT * from sysobjects WHERE name=n'mystudent') A DROP TABLE mystudent at GO - CREATE TABLE mystudent - ( -s_idintNotNULLPrimary Key Identity (1,1),   --School Number -S_name nvarchar ( -) notNULL,                  --name -S_genderChar(2) notNULL,                     --Sex ins_address nvarchar (max) notNULL,             --Address -S_phone nvarchar ( -) notNULL,                  --Telephone toS_ageintNotNULL,                            --Age +S_birthday datetime notNULL,                  --Birthday -S_cardidintNotNULL,                         --ID Number theS_cidintNotNULLReferences MyClass (c_id)--class Number *  $);

Create (or delete) a database, table

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