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Create a virtual machine and install linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see. I had a chat with a child in my dormitory at last night. I thought of building a virtual machine. Because of my New Year's Day, I didn't go home, so I was bored, find something to do.

I got up at in the morning. The reason was that the light was turned off at night. I held down for a night and waited for today. When I got up, I started the computer and downloaded the vpc, but I think it's still easy to use Chinese characters). I picked two files (one is the vhd file generated by the windows2000 image, and the other is a redhat image) on someone else's ftp and tried it myself.

In general, apart from programming, I don't need to mention any other applications or introductions. this is also true. at around 10 o'clock, I finished the 2000, because breaking the boot password wasted a lot of time. it may be a little earlier.

Linux installation is troublesome, and ati's graphics card is not supported very much. for other reasons, I went back and forth on the vpc and my desktop, google and Baidu have helped a lot today. After the installation was completed, the installation speed was too slow and it was dead. I knew it would be better to tune the VM memory by 256. I never thought about it, really stupid. in the afternoon, I tried using the vm to check whether ati does not support redhat, whether there is a problem with the file or the vpc. I have to analyze it. Although there are many comments on the Internet, however, I have to draw my own conclusions. I must analyze them!

Have a good evening and reward your achievements ~
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