Create window SVN server

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To build the SVN server under Windows:

First download the latest visualsvn-server-x.x.x.msi from, then install the machine, install the process all the way to the next step, Just look at the settings below, set the repository's path in repositories (where you put things later), and follow the default options:

When the installation is complete, start VisualSVN Server Manager, as follows:

Right-click Repositories to create a new repository:

For example, I built a project called Supereyes Warehouse, according to the general, hook on the Create default structure (trunk,branches,tags), used SVN programmers know:) Click OK:

This is the SVN project library we created:

To add users below, click Users to build a new user:

Set the user name and password:

After completion, as follows:

To set up the user access list for the Supereyes project we just established, click the Supereyes right button to select Properties:

The following dialog box appears, adding the user we just created:

Remember, by default all users have access to this project, for security, we set everyone's permissions to No access:

At this point, the SVN server is set up, below we can use the client SVN software TortoiseSVN, according to the Red Arrow refers to the URL address, checkout out Supereyes project

Under Windows, right mouse, the following menu appears, choose SVN Checkout (if the client has already installed the TORTOISESVN software):

The following dialog box appears, filling in the URL address, and the local saved path:

Click OK, because it is the first time checkout, the following dialog box appears, select Accept permanently:

The following dialog box appears, filling in the user name and password:

OK, the project is checkout out, haha, excited!

If you want to access SVN from the extranet, the following settings are in VISUALSVN Server Manager:

Take Tp-link as an example to set up a router's forwarding rules:

The IP address is populated with the server's intranet IP address, and the port number is populated with the 443 VISUALSVN Server Manager settings, so that we can access our SVN server in the external network.

Create window SVN server

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