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In the past, Windows login passwords were generally created by a combination of numbers and letters. They were too complicated to remember and too simple to secure. In the Win8 system, an alternative is to create an image password. You only need simple settings. In addition to logging on to the system using traditional letters and numbers, you can also easily log on with just a few clicks on a custom logon screen, this is especially suitable for applications on touch computers, and even on traditional computers that are not touchable, the use of the mouse can also be achieved.

In Windows 8 and Windows RT, images and passwords can be used. logon to a computer is no longer a monotonous character and is more personalized. If it is a touch screen, it can be easily opened with a simple stroke. But it can also be set on a traditional computer.

Because you can select images and draw shapes on images, There are infinite combinations. The image password is actually more effective than the traditional password to prevent hackers. You can draw the image password directly on the touch screen with your fingers, or draw the shape with your mouse.

  The settings are as follows:

1. Start the screen, click "change computer settings" from the "Settings" superbutton, and then click "user ".

▲Select "Settings" in the super button-"change computer settings"

2. Click "Create Image password" under "Logon Options" on the right side, and follow the instructions on the screen to see:

▲Select Create Image Password

Enter your previous logon password once

▲Create wizard -- select a photo

Find a picture you like

▲Are you sure you want to use this photo?

▲Okay, you only need to click it three times! It would be easier to touch the screen.

▲Next time, confirm the gesture

▲Congratulations, your image password has been created

In addition to unlocking the image password, you can also use the regular logon method. So it depends on the method you like. The image password seems to be easy to set, but it is indeed relatively safe.

  The following are some notes to remember:

Do not draw overly complex image passwords. Keep the photo simple and select a shape that is easy to remember and draw. For example, it is easier to draw a close-up photo of your pet than to click a certain tulip in a garden scene every time.

The image password is limited to three types of trends, which must be a combination of circles, straight lines, and clicks. Similarly, it is best to keep it simple. It is easier to click a person's nose to outline a city's skyline.

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