Create your own wonderful desktop world under Fedora Core 4

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I have been away from Linux for a year and I will use FC4 when I come back. It's okay today. Try to install it. Of course, many of my friends have written their experiences. I just want to share with you to avoid detours. If you reprinted, please indicate the source. This is my three-day labor result.
Step 1: Install FC4 in a simple way to enter the chat world
1. Download and dial
The address is (speed 300 k): http: //
Since it cannot access pure dos, It is not familiar with grub-DOS software. I bought 4 disks for 4 yuan and used a Nero 6-disc (note that you do not need to decompress the package, and select "burn image to the disc" when burning "). I forgot to check the MD5 code here. Do not forget it.

2. Installation Process
(1) I have 10 Gb space on drive F, that is, hda7.
(2) Change the system to a CD boot priority. By default, press enter to install the CD. You can choose to check the CD and skip it. Continue with the language-keyboard-manual partitioning (here remember to delete hda7, leave free space, divide swap partitions first,/partition after division, otherwise there will be an error; there will be no problem, restart .)
(3) select Custom during installation. Remember to install the kernel source code and GCC. Otherwise, it will be troublesome in the future.
(4) For boot problems, because the default value is 5 seconds, many friends report that there is no XP menu. You don't have to worry about it. After Entering Linux, modify/boot/gurb. conf and change 5 to 30.
(5) There are still 10 Gb space, prompting that the space is insufficient. When you restart, check whether your/partition is in the ext3 format. I was changed to the swap format and lost.
(6) Remember to install the boot information on the MBR, and set the NIC to a fixed address ( Otherwise, the detection may die at startup.
(7) The subsequent steps were completed. Unfortunately, there was no prompt to start the floppy disk and the desktop test.
3. Access and network settings
(1) I am lucky to have no problem with the video card, display card, and sound card.
(2) The procedure of surfing the internet is: Find the network settings and Configuration Wizard on the main menu, and activate eth0 and what XDSL respectively to access the Internet.
4. Run QQ
Download lumaqq_2004t-linux_jre.tar.gz, double-click and decompress the package, and set the running program (double gear icon) as a shortcut. Then, you can run it on the desktop. Unzip the patch and put it in/lib in the main directory. It feels good, but it has a little less functionality.
Step 2: Use Yum to create a rich multimedia world
⒈ Add a software Repository:
(1) Update System Software
# Rpm-ihv lvn.2.4.noarch. rpm
# Rpm-ihv 1.1-1. FC. noarch. rpm
# Yum update

(2) Configure yum
1) Macromedia
Add macromedia-i386.repo under the/etc/yum. Repos. d/directory

Name = Macromedia for i386 Linux
Base url =
Enabled = 1
Gpgcheck = 1
Gpgkey =

2) atrpms
Add/etc/yum. Repos. d/atrpms. Repo

Name = atrpms for Fedora Core $ releasever stable
Baseurl =
Enabled = 1
Gpgcheck = 1
Gpgkey =

3) Dag
Add/etc/yum. Repos. d/Dag. Repo

Name = Dag RPM repository for Fedora Core
Baseurl =
Enabled = 1
Gpgcheck = 1
Gpgkey =

4) dries
Add and save/etc/yum. Repos. d/dries. Repo

Name = extra fedora RPMs dries-$ releasever-$ basearch
Baseurl =
Enabled = 1
Gpgcheck = 1
Gpgkey =

5) KDE-RedHat
Add and save/etc/yum. Repos. d/kde-redhat.repo

Name = KDE-RedHat-stable
Baseurl = Signature
Pipeline list = Pipeline
Gpgcheck = 1
Gpgkey =
Enabled = 1

Name = KDE-RedHat-stable-all
Base url =
Using list =
Gpgcheck = 1
Gpgkey =
Enabled = 1

⒉ Install xmms and MP3 plug-ins

# Yum-y install xmms-mp3 gstream-plugins-mp3 libmad libid3tag
# Rpm-ihv 2. i386.rpm
# Yum-y install grip (MP3 rail capture software)

Installing Macromedia Flash/Shockwave Plug-in Ghost

# Yum-y install flash-plugin

⒋ Install the DVD player-xine

# Yum-y install xine-lib xine-skins

If you want xine to play a DVD automatically, choose desktop>; Option>; move storage. Enable video DVD discs in multimedia, and then add the following command:
Xine -- auto-play -- auto-scan DVD

⒌ Install mplayer

# Yum-y install mplayer-skins mplayer-Fonts

Reaplayer 10 Installation

Whether compat-libstdc ++-33 is installed before installation. If not
# Yum-y install compat-libstdc ++-33
Download the software realplayer10gold. bin to/tmp:
Http:// HR... region = offer_button
Chmod 755/tmp/realplayer10gold. Bin
./Realplayer10gold. Bin

7. Postscript
During the yum process, you may not be able to find the image, or try it several times.

Step 3: optimize and enrich your desktop system
1. Install the Nv driver
I have a classic tnt2 video card, which is not supported by 7667/7664. I finally found that 7174 is supported. however. the sh file is not successfully installed. Only the RPM file is downloaded. My kernel is 2.6.11 and the corresponding 7174 driver is downloaded. after the installation is successful, the module compilation is successful, but it cannot be loaded. Finally, refer to an unofficial FAQ to introduce it as follows:
# Yum install NVIDIA-Glx
# Yum install kernel-module-NVIDIA-*** (*** for your kernel version, such as 2.6.12-1.1389_fc4)
I am very simple, just do the first step, including upgrading the kernel/installation module and Glx.

2. Install the WMA plug-in for xmms and perform Chinese display
1) install WMA plug-in for xmms
# Rpm-IVH
2) display Chinese Characters
At the beginning, Chinese characters showed garbled characters. I made some adjustments and the Chinese characters showed normally.
Step 1: Disable the ID3v2 label
Preference =>; select the mpeg Layer 1/2/3 player for the audio input/output plug-in, click "configuration" below, switch to the title, and select "Disable ID3v2 tag" =>; "OK"
Step 2: Select font and copy it to replace the default one.
-Sony-*-16-*-iso8859-1, -*-16-*-gbk-0
Remember to tick the first two hooks in the font debugging option. You can also set other font settings.
Step 3: Modify the title display
In the title format, only % F is entered. The default value is % P-% T. Do not set it by default. Of course, you can add extension settings.

3. Install the browser to play media files in the browser
# Yum-y install mplayerplug-in

Now, my system can basically play MP3/WMA (xmms)-RM (realplay)-AVI (mplay)-CD/VCD/DVD (xine). Because the video card driver is successfully installed, you can enable rendering and 3D, playing movies and playing games smoothly.

4. simple installation of fcitx
Refer to the experiences of opensh friends
Modify/ECT/X11/xinit/xinput. d/iiimf
Comment out the previous one, add the relevant parameter configuration of fcitx, and save
# Xim = iiimx
# Xim_program = iiimx
# Gtk_im_module = iiim
Xim = fcitx
Xim_program = fcitx
Gtk_im_module = fcitx
# Qt_im_module = iiimqcf

Download fcitx and decompress =>;./configure =>; make install

5. Install the Chinese version adobereader7.0
# Rpm-IVH
More than 120 MB, but can read all PDF files normally, I think it is worthwhile.

6. automatically load partitions in Windows
I have C, D, E, respectively, hda1, hda5, hda6, where C is NTFS.
Create a directory under/mnt
Mkdir C
Mkdir d
Mkdir E
Then modify/etc/fstab
Add the following lines
/Dev/hda1/mnt/c ntfs iocharset = utf8
/Dev/hda5/mnt/d vfat iocharset = utf8
/Dev/hda6/mnt/e vfat iocharset = utf8
Then restart the computer.

Summary: Now I can work and read books. I can basically replace my previous work with win.

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