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Founded in 1998, Iconix Pharmaceuticals Company is engaged in research and industrial software development. The company is a pioneer in Chemogenomics, Chemogenomics is a discipline that uses chemical and genetic methods to delve into a mountain of data that is necessary to develop new drugs and market them.

One of the major challenges for companies is to create a new drug or provide the information needed by the pharmaceutical industry to integrate data from disparate, disparate databases, and to analyze them, with compelling results. Most researchers agree that it is almost impossible to make significant discoveries by creating multipath connections when data cannot be obtained from a single data source.

Drugmatrix Solutions

At Iconix Pharmaceuticals, we developed a Drugmatrix software application system to effectively process our chemogenomics database. To create such a solution, we know that we have to combine high-performance information processing systems with an interactive GUI interface to allow researchers to conduct an iterative study and combine research and display information in their displays.

This article discusses the role of Iconix Pharmaceuticals in the development of Drugmatrix software application Systems Asynchronous JavaScript plus XML (AJAX). It includes our choices in the development decision process and why we decided to use a rich Internet application (RIA) based on Ajax. In this article, we also discuss the lessons we have learned and where we believe this technology will lead us.

Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology and Ajax

In essence, RIA Technologies combine robust graphical user interfaces (graphical user interface short GUI) with browser-based information processing systems. If so, then the C/S model of the FAT client and b/s browser-based thin client between the bridge. Furthermore, the Ajax-based RIA Web information Processing system processes data quickly and without the need for pre-installed plug-ins, applets, and Active-X.

The role of Ajax

Today, as a useful and powerful web development technology, AJAX technology enables search engines and other consumer applications to greatly enhance the user experience of web surfers. In addition, Ajax makes it possible to create a solution that delivers business data with a rich GUI infrastructure that costs less than the creation, maintenance, and implementation of a FAT client or a plug-in based solution. Features, high productivity, greater ability to display data and less overhead can achieve greater competitiveness.

The highlight of application development

Drugmatrix is a three-layer, extensible information (three-tiered Extensible Informatics Short XIS) structure. Consists of a data warehouse, an application server (including a communication mechanism that passes data in a graph-related XML format to the owner) and a user interface. The application server is configurable and is configured by describing the metadata of the model of the Data Warehouse. To simplify adding data analysis and display tools to the system, the application server uses plug-in technology. The user interface is also dynamically configurable by using metadata that can search for and display all data items.

Resolution Steps

Iconix Pharmaceuticals's development team has considered and dismissed several design options.

1. Embed Java applets in Web pages

This scheme is inefficient for large chunks of data based on Chemogenomics databases. For every query that requires dozens of columns and hundreds of rows of data, it is quite clear that the system will be quickly paused. The Drugmatrix ' system wants to differentiate between data streams and HTML, and caching data on the client allows the server to deliver more data. The system also wants the client to be able to access the cached data when the researcher is back and forth between the data list and a single "Detail" HTML page.

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