Creation of Maven Web project Engineering

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The Eclipse,mars version of Open has been integrated with Maven.

1. New MAVEN project, tick create a simple project (thus eliminating the process of creating a folder)

2. Select the package method for the war

3. Click Finish, you will find an error, and find the Src/main/webapp directory, the following steps to use

4. Right-click Project-"properties-" Project Facets

5. Uncheck the Dynamic Web Module and click Apply

6. Tick the dynamic Web Module again, select the version, click the hyperlink that appears below

7. In the past we have a Web project, there will be a webcontent directory, where we want to replace the WebContent directory with Src/main/webapp, because the current MAVEN project

8. Click OK and you will find something familiar in the WebApp directory.

9. At this point in the WebApp directory to create a JSP, you will find an error, because there is no servlet container

10. Can be resolved by the dynamic Web Module to the right of a runtimes option, check it

11. Finally right-click Run as your JSP file

12. For the default JDK problem with MAVEN engineering, you can modify the setting file

Creation of Maven Web project Engineering

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