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We all know that the most popular variety show recently is Hunan TV's "I Am a Singer", in this month Baidu's index peak of more than 90W, the lowest when there are 20W. The average light "I'm a Singer" has a 500,000 search. Believe that there should be a lot of people will consider to do I am the singer's website, the best of course is the forum, interactive strong. And today inadvertently saw such a website, looked at the site's various aspects of the data, but also got some data. Here, with you analysis.

First, domain name:

I am the singer premiere on January 18, 2013, plus the previous plan probably should have been done in June or July, when most of them did not know the variety show. And this domain name registration date is on July 13, 2012, the record time is 2012-11-05. Can't say, this stationmaster has foresight. And the domain name is Geshou, this is also particularly good. Of course, at that time, there will be no COM domain name, the webmaster chose. TV, just meaning TV ha. Undoubtedly, the webmaster in the choice of domain name is really worth our learning.

Second, Space:

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China million network. It goes without saying.

Third, the procedure:

Forum, the most popular discuz.

Four, key words:

Through the analysis of Baidu outside the chain, I found that the station more than 1700. In a careful look, found that most of the links are rubbish station accumulation of links, and this really to the Baidu to crawl. I am very silent about it. The webmaster mainly do the key words is "I am a singer net", "yy singer Nets," China's strongest voice (Khan, has not been on the premiere on the ha) "," China Sound "," Qi dance Flying ", seemingly the most fire of several variety shows are to do. However, from the rankings, I am the singer is the main source of traffic here to reveal a little, I have to the webmaster is intended to give YY singer to do a website promotion, the result met "I am a Singer", decisively plus I am a singer's video. From the Forum column can be seen.

Five, Flow:

We do stand why, is to obtain flow, in the cash. Webmaster Tools give the Baidu traffic is 3461, but actually not so much. Up to now the forum theme 2062, today 34. Can, see the flow is very big difference. Then why is that?

In fact, many of these variety shows will do. However, whether you will choose to be important to the keyword. For up to 500,000 of the search volume, no one search engine will be released. See "I am a Singer" home, Baidu Ten accounted for its eight, and the right there is a love singular promotion (haha, their products for free OH). Think about how much of this traffic will be left to you, and for such a high index of the word you are not easy to do the home page, to the station is currently in the 20th place. The estimated flow is negligible.

Here, pretty female network remind do this kind of variety show webmaster, should pay attention to do long tail keyword. Such even long tail keyword also has thousands of of traffic ah. In the long tail keyword driven by the main keyword will naturally get a good ranking. In this way, the flow will be much higher than the current, at least not with the estimated traffic gap so big!

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