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In SEO, label optimization is that we must do, but also to do a good job. SEO online on the optimization of the article and theoretical knowledge is very much, but according to the author of the Practice of labeling optimization, a lot of content too much emphasis on the theory, the lack of some personal ideas and ideas, led to the SEO can not better adapt to the development of the search engine, and the changing user experience, Greatly affected the site's optimization effect.

Today I take the heart of the printed bar as an example, introduce the author of SEO in the experience of optimizing the label, as well as in the label optimization need to pay attention to matters.

First of all, you have to understand, SEO optimization in the end what is the label? In the author's opinion, SEO optimization of the label is nothing more than meta tags and aggregation tags.

Meta tag Optimization

The META tags include title, description (description), keywords (keyword), and these three form the META tags we usually call, and one is the H tag.

1, title optimization

Title in the search engine algorithm and give attention to is the most important, whether in the past or now, the title is a search engine more rely on, so how to do title optimization is the fundamental site optimization.

Title optimization mainly includes the following aspects: The title contains keywords, keyword number, keyword density, keyword hyphen, title character restrictions, this is the majority of seoer and online theoretical knowledge are included, in addition, the title of readability and attractiveness is also to be considered.

A good title to be able to let users know what the site is to do, what the advantages of the site, what is the name of the site, so an unwritten site title is usually the keyword 1_ keyword 2_ keyword 3-site name.

It is important to note that the hyphen between the keywords is an "_" underline, instead of "-", this is the author observed, when you search for keywords, if the page contains "-", Baidu will be the symbol to do a keyword, thus diluting the keyword density, we can try to search under. Like what:



2, keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is actually fill in the title inside the keyword can be, before the search engine is not perfect, we rely on a large number of stacked keywords can get a good ranking. As the search engine matures, such a situation is basically not going to happen. Search engines in the understanding of semantics and analysis of vocabulary has been relatively perfect, so the dependence on the key word is increasingly reduced. Even some of the great gods say that the keyword can not be filled out. I think that Baidu as an example, the site in addition to pay attention to user experience, but also to take into account the experience of search engines. In other words, how to reduce the workload of spiders is our seoer also to consider, so fill in the keyword may also be a spider to judge, but if your site's keywords and Baidu analysis of the key words are consistent, then will not give a better weight it? Just a guess.

3. Describe the optimization

Description of the optimization in the SEO should be more than the first two to a lot, Baidu is not too much to give too much attention. However, I have had an observation before. The first and third sites, in terms of access to click, everyone will think that the first must be more than third. But in fact, a good description can often change this effect, from the data background in the keyword clicks and opponents site clicks, although I ranked third, but the click rate is more than the opponents, this is due to a good description. So, describe the meaning in the optimization, more is to focus on the user's experience, rather than search engine rankings.

4, H label

H label weight is relatively high, general H1 can only appear once, H2 and H3 can appear many times, but it is best to control the frequency of the occurrence. At the same time the weight of the high and low is a reduction, as to how to do h tag, we can see the source of this article, I think is a good case.

Aggregation Label Optimization

Aggregation label said the popular point, is the content of the article tag description, this in a lot of blogs, forums, the application is more extensive. Through the different content of the tag aggregation, so that users can quickly find the content they want, but also reduce the jump out, adding a deep level of the portal, so that the search engine can better crawl and crawl the site.

In short, as a seoer, we must pay attention to SEO tag optimization, but also to constantly explore the significance of its own existence. Do not blindly pursue the experience of predecessors, creativity is a seoer success magic weapon.

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