CRM system PAAs to meet the individual needs of enterprises

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1000 people, there are thousands of long like, 1000 enterprises, there are various needs, there are thousands of processes, the standard mode of CRM system is difficult to meet the personalized process and demand of enterprises, then the CRM system to Paas to meet the individual needs of the enterprise .

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What is PaaS?

PaaS is an acronym for Platform-as-a-service, meaning platform as a service. The business model of providing a server platform as a service. Services provided through the network are referred to as SaaS (software as a service), while the corresponding server platform or development environment in the cloud computing era becomes a PaaS ( Platform as a Service).

CalledPaaSA platform for Software development (ZhiyunCRMdefine it as the Business Foundation platform) as a service toSaaSmode is submitted to the user. Therefore,PaaSis alsoSaaSan application of the pattern. However,PaaScan speed up the appearance ofSaaSdevelopment, especially to accelerateSaaSthe development speed of the application. In the -years at home and abroadSaaSmanufacturers have launched their ownPAASplatform (Zhiyun passCRMThe system is alsoPAAS).

What are the advantages of PAAS?

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for Startups,PaaS providers support the development language and environment they often use, and for SaaS operators, This advantage of PaaS can help them achieve product diversification and product customization to meet the individual needs of different enterprises in different industries. For example, the Zhiyun CRM PaaS Platform enables more independent software developers to become customers of their platforms, thus developing a variety of SaaS applications based on their platform , To become a diversified software services provider (Multi application Vendor), not just a CRM on -demand The direction of CRM development.

What are the disadvantages of PAAS?

first, paas paas paas competitive, the only alternative that cloud users can use is the iaas service, if you do this, the key is to ensure that all paas performance is available for local server configuration. The risk for major platform providers may be to avoid small paas business, But in these places the small provider is paas The only choice, plan iaas

The CRM system PAAS is designed to solve the individual needs of enterprises, so that enterprises can use CRM system more smoothly, solve enterprise problems, improve enterprise efficiency and promote social economic development.

CRM system PAAs to meet the individual needs of enterprises

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