CRM WebClient UI and the URL generation logic for heartbeat in the work of Hybris

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CRM WebClient UI

The work center's navigation target is invisible to client side: not visible in chrome development tool, but after clicking Work center and calculating navigation in the background ABAP side Target


Each item in the drop-down menu of this catalog corresponds to a URL, which is implemented in HTML with tag. This URL is visible on the client.


Where is this URL generated from?

The implementation of this catalog is in simplebannercomponent.jsp:

Take a look at the a tag on line 14th, which is the hyperlink that the last user sees in the browser. The value of its href comes from the JSP model's attribute Urllink (specified on line 5th).

The source of this field is in the Impex file, which is equivalent to part of sample data.

"\hybris\bin\ext-data\electronicsstore\resources\electronicsstore\import\sampledata\contentcatalogs\ Electronicscontentcatalog\cms-responsive-content.impex "

The value of this URL is added in the following area of the Impex file:

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CRM WebClient UI and the URL generation logic for heartbeat in the work of Hybris

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