Cron Expressions for Quartz

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In order of
Seconds (0~59)
Minutes (0~59)
Hours (0~23)
Days (months) (0~31, but you need to consider the number of days of your month)
Month (0~11)
Days (weeks) (1~7 1=sun or Sun,mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat)
7. Year (1970-2099)

Each of these elements can be a value (such as 6), a continuous interval (9-12), a time interval (8-18/4) (/= every 4 hours), a list (1,3,5), and a wildcard character. Because the "date in the month" and "date in the week" are mutually exclusive, one of the two elements must be set.
0 0 10,14,16 * *? 10 o'clock in the morning, 2 o'clock in the afternoon, 4 O ' Day
0 0/30 9-17 * *? Every half hour for nine to five working hours
0 0 12? * WED means every Wednesday noon 12 o'clock
Some sub-expressions can contain ranges or lists
For example: subexpression (Day (week)) can be "Mon-fri", "Mon,wed,fri", "Mon-wed,sat"
The "*" character represents all possible values
Therefore, "*" in the sub-expression (month) represents the meaning of each month, "*" in the subexpression (Day (week)) represents every day of the week

The "/" character is used to specify the increment of the numeric value
For example: "0/15" in sub-expressions (minutes) means starting from the No. 0 minute, every 15 minutes
"3/20" in the sub-expression (minutes) means that every 20 minutes (it is the same as "3,23,43") starting from the 3rd minute

“? "Character is used only for days (months) and days (weeks) of two sub-expressions, indicating that no value is specified
When one of the 2 sub-expressions is assigned a value, in order to avoid a conflict, you need to set the value of another subexpression to "? ”

The "L" character is used only for days (months) and days (weeks) of two sub-expressions, which is the abbreviation for the word "last"
But it has a different meaning in two sub-expressions.
In the day (month) subexpression, "L" represents the last day of the one-month
In the day (week) Self-expression, "L" represents the last day of one weeks, the SAT
If there is something specific before "L", it has other meanings.
For example: "6L" means the 6th day of the month, and "Fril" means the last Friday of the month.
Note: When using the "L" parameter, do not specify a list or range, as this can cause problems

Attached: cronexpression configuration Instructions

Special characters allowed for field allowed values
Seconds 0-59,-*/
Sub 0-59,-*/
Hours 0-23,-*/
Date 1-31,-*? /L W C
Month 1-12 or JAN-DEC,-*/
Week 1-7 or Sun-sat,-*? /L C #
Year (optional) leave blank, 1970-2099,-*/
Meaning of an expression
"0 0 12 * *?" trigger 12 o'clock noon every day.
"0 15 10?" * * "trigger 10:15 every day"
"0 15 10 * *?" Daily 10:15 Trigger
"0 15 10 * *?" * "10:15 per day" trigger
"0 15 10 * *?" 2005 "2005-year daily 10:15 Trigger
"0 * 14 * *?" triggers every 1 minutes from 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 2:59 daily
"0 0/5 14 * *?" triggers every 5 minutes from 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 2:55 daily
"0 0/5 14,18 * *?" triggers every 5 minutes from 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 2:55 daily and from 6 o'clock in the afternoon to 6:55
"0 0-5 14 * *?" triggers every 1 minutes from 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 2:05 daily
"0 10,44 14?" 3 WED "2:10 and 2:44 triggers in Wednesday of every March
"0 15 10?" * Mon-fri "Monday to Friday 10:15 trigger
"0 15 10 15 *?" 15th 10:15 per month
"0 L *?" 10:15 on the last day of the month
"0 15 10?" * 6L "Last month of Friday 10:15 Trigger
"0 15 10?" * 6L 2002-2005 "2002 to 2005 the last of the monthly Friday 10:15 trigger
"0 15 10?" * 6#3 "Monthly third Friday 10:15 trigger
Special character meaning
* denotes all values;
? Represents a value that is not stated, that is, not concerned about its value;
-Represents a specified range;
, which indicates that a possible value is attached;
/symbol indicates the start time, and the symbol indicates the value increment each time;
L ("last") "L" is used in the Day-of-month field meaning "the final day of the month"; In the Day-of-week field, it simply means "7" or "SAT". If used in conjunction with a number in the Day-of-week field, it means "the last one weeks of the month" – for example: "6L" means "last Friday of the month". When we use "L", it is important not to specify a list value or range, otherwise we will get some unexpected results.
W ("weekday") can only be used in the Day-of-month field. Used to describe the working day closest to the specified day (Monday to Friday). For example: In the Day-of-month field with "15W" means "closest to the 15th day of the month", that is, if the 15th day of the month is Saturday, then the trigger will be triggered on the 14th day of the month, Friday, if the 15th day is Sunday, then the trigger will be triggered in the month 16th day that Monday If the 15th day of the month is Tuesday, trigger this day on the trigger. Note that this usage only calculates the value in the current month and does not cross the current month. The "W" character can only be specified one day in Day-of-month and cannot be a range or list. You can also use "LW" to specify the last working day of the month.
# can only be used in the Day-of-week field. Used to specify the first few weeks of the month. Example: In the Day-of-week field "6#3" means the 3rd Friday of this month (6 means Friday, 3 refers to 3rd). If the specified date does not exist, the trigger is not triggered.
C refers to the calculated value after contacting the calendar. Example: In the Day-of-month field, "5C" means the first day of the calendar including the 5th day of the month, or the first day in the Day-of-week field that includes the calendar after this Sunday or later.

Cron Expressions for Quartz

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