Crontab Unable to execute PHP workaround, crontabphp_php tutorial

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Crontab Unable to execute PHP workaround, crontabphp

This paper analyzes the solution that crontab cannot execute PHP. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

When using crontab to run PHP program, how to debug, everyone has a method. I also have a set of methods to see how I solve the problem that crontab cannot execute PHP program.

One, PHP file has no execute permission
Copy the Code code as follows: [Root@linux cron]# ls-al |grep del

-rwxr-xr-x 1 zwh ftpgroup 494 10-20 16:42 del_redis.php
If there is no X, the description does not execute, and of course it does not. If you don't know if the group you're logged in with has permissions, just add permissions to all groups. Here's how:
Copy the Code code as follows: [Root@linux cron]# chmod +x./del_redis.php
Second, if there is enforcement authority, or can not execute

here's how to fix it:

1. Write the log in the PHP program (for example: error_log () This function), which is also necessary, because crontab timed execution, if there is no log, how do you know how the results of the program execution. This allows us to view the crontab execution through log.

2. You can also directly inside the crontab, the results of the execution output a file. Then look at the implementation in this file. For example:
Copy the Code code as follows: */10 * * * */usr/local/php/bin/php/var/www/cron/del_redis.php >>/home/zhangy/cron.txt
3. Use Crontab to execute PHP, do not go apache,nginx, so $_server,$_env such variables are not used at all. So check the PHP code to see if there are any such variables, if you have to take off.

4. Relative path problems with PHP

Because there is a mindset to do strange, this problem is also the most easily overlooked.
Copy the Code code as follows: Include_once './mysql.php ';
When you use a relative path in your PHP code, you only have to go into that directory to execute/usr/local/php/bin/php/var/www/cron/level_rank.php to take effect. I have encountered this problem at least two times, but I still can't remember it when I met him.

Here's how to fix it:
Copy the Code code as follows: */10 * * * * Cd/var/www/cron &&/usr/local/php/bin/php/var/www/cron/level_rank.php
or the absolute path in the PHP code

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I hope this article is helpful to you in PHP programming.

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