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Cross-3.3.2 compiler-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For more information, see the following. Different from development in Windows, embedded Linux development is somewhat complicated. In fact, it is not complicated, but there are a lot of new knowledge in front of us: Linux operating system, cross compiler, library, size end, soft floating point.

A link error occurred a few days ago when I used the cross-3.3.2 compiler to compile the Linux-2.6.14 kernel. For beginners, this type of non-syntax errors is very difficult to query, so I only recommend that you change the compiler version. For example, this cross-3.3.2 compiler in the compilation of u-boot-1.3.1 problems, but did not expect to compile 2.6.14 kernel can also have problems. You can modify the code according to the error message, but this is not wise. This is just like breaking the east wall to make up the west wall. You cannot guarantee that no other problems will occur.

So I suggest you:

1) do not try to modify the lds syntax before you understand it;

2) Select a new version (not necessarily the latest) compiler. I have been using ELDK, compiling uboot, kernel porting is no problem. Arm-2008q1-126-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.bz2 was tested at the very beginning.
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