Cross-Compilation of assembly and C language in the Keil C51 Environment

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1. How to embed Assembly commands in C language:

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C51: Getting inline assembly to work

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How do I implement inline assembly in C51 usingASMAnd
Directives. I have read some of the KnowledgeBase articles relating to this problem, but I still cannot get it to work.


The following example program, Main. C, demonstrates some simple inline assembly.

Void main (void) {test (); # pragma asm jmp $; endless loop # pragma endasm}

The following rules apply to C51 inline assembly:

    • To use # pragma ASM/endasm, you must setGenerate aggreger SRC FileAndAssemble SRC FileSource File compile options in µvision by right-clicking your source file name in the project workspace and selectingOptions
      For file
    • When usingGenerate aggreger SRC FileAndAssemble SRC FileOptions in µvision, if there are no other C modules in your project, you must manually include the C51 run-time Library (c51s. lib, c51m. lib, or c51l. lib ).
More information
    • ReferASMIn the cx51 user's guide.
    • ReferInterfacing C to AssemblerIn the cx51 user's guide.
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Method: (assume that there is only oneCCodeFile)

The1Step: Create a project and addCFile, compiled through

The2Step: Right-clickKeilInterfaceProject WorkspaceInCFile Name, select'Option

The3Step: click'Generate aggreger SRC File''Assemble
SRC File'Check the two three-state check boxes to make them highlighted and checked. click confirm.

The4Step: SetKeilUnder the installation directoryC51/lib/c51s. Lib(If yesSmallMode) copy the file to the project directory

The5Step: Add a library fileC51s. LibFile to project, right-click'Source
Group 1', Select'Add files to group...', Select under the project directoryC51s. Lib, Click to open

(Because3Step. If no library file is added here, compileHEXThe file cannot be correctly executed by the microcontroller, and a warning will appear during compilation:

Warning L1: unresolved external symbol

Symbol:? C_startup

Unrecognized? C_startupThis label, which is defined in the library file


The6Step: Open the project directory and you can see that the new extension is. SRCFile, change its extension. A51

The7Step: add this. A51File to the project (this time the project containsC51s. LibLibrary file, otherwise the compilation will generate5The warning described in step and the generatedHEXFiles cannot be correctly run by single-chip microcomputer)

The8Step: recompile and generateHEXFile, loaded into the microcontroller, can be foundCThe language runs in the same way.


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