Cross-platform mobile application Development Framework PHONEGAP 1.3 released to support Windows Phone app development

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The mobile development Community's "Swiss Army Knife" PhoneGap released today in 1.3, bringing many new features (tools, controls) and improvements to this release, most notably the completion of support for Windows Phone. This also means that PHONEGAP has fully implemented support for all major mobile platforms.

PhoneGap is an open-source, cross-platform mobile application development framework that enables developers to develop cross-platform applications using only standard network technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript). PhoneGap's goal is to achieve "one-time development, running on any mobile terminal platform". Prior to release 1.3, the PHONEGAP framework's compatible platform includes: IOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian.

Currently, Windows phone developers can call all the PhoneGap APIs for cross-platform WP application development. You can find out more details or view Microsoft's announcements by PhoneGap core developer Jess Macfadyen's blog .

In addition to implementing support for Windows Phone, PHONEGAP 1.3 also brings many improvements to the application development of other mobile platforms:


    • Remove the addwhitelist from the public API;
    • Remove the Phonegap.stringify () method and replace it with json.stringify ();
    • Improved Createcapturefile () method for better detection of PNG images, if the image is not in JPEG or PNG format throws illegalargumentexception exception;
    • Backhistory () code refactoring, so that the behavior of calling () is consistent with Backbutton implementation;
    • Improve the PostMessage () API to implement the OnMessage () method of calling the plugin;
    • Optimize the enumeration method.


    • Add OSX support to allow the use of the PHONEGAP framework under MAC systems to develop BlackBerry applications;
    • Fix webworks memory leak problem;
    • Update Pluginresult Exception, using the latest naming scheme.


    • Add Filetransfer download method, the interface is the same as on Android;
    • When an audio file is played from a remote URL, once the download fails it stops and the loaded information is cached;
    • Fixed a warning that uiinterfaceorientation implicitly converted to uideviceorientation type;
    • New life cycle events: resign and active.

For more information, see the PhoneGap announcement .

In addition, PhoneGap said that in the next version (1.4), its scientific name will continue to be changed to Apache Cordova. Prior to PhoneGap's scientific name for Apache callback--this October phonegap was acquired by Adobe and contributed to Apache as one of its incubation projects.

PHONEGAP 1.3 API Development Documentation:


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