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Because of the Java technology, it also has the JVM advantage. It can be transplanted on a platform that supports Java. However, the current J2's technology is very bad on a cross-platform, let's take a brief look at the reasons:
1. Different screen sizes of mobile phones:
This is mainly made on the interface.
If you are using an advanced user interface, such as application development, user login, and user registration, there is generally no problem.
If you are using a low-level user interface, such as a game, you need to consider this issue.
2. The vendor's extended APIs are not uniform:
For example, the extended API class library UI series of Nokia is not implemented on other mobile phones, or the package name is different.
3. Bugs implemented on mobile platforms:
For example, if Nokia 7650 has a bug in implementing dual buffering, the software running on this model cannot use dual buffering. For other bugs on NOKIA, see:
4. Mobile phone performance problems.
The available memory and maximum jar files of different mobile phones are required. For example, the maximum jar files supported by most mobile phones of Nokia S40 are 64 kB and the maximum available content is 210 KB.
Therefore, the current mobile phone software, especially the list of models supported by games, also has the presence of mobile game porting personnel.

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