Cross-platform Gui-QT Acer Aspire on Linux development environment installation configuration (QT + GCC) (original)

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Install the QT Development Environment on an Acer ebook today. This is a small-capacity, lite version of Linux, Aspire One Linux, the most encountered problems during the installation process,

First of all, this system does not have a GCC environment. You must install the GCC environment. Otherwise, problems such as "sol_socket undeclare" will be reported during installation,

There are many ways to install GCC. First, I tried to manually translate the installation, download the gcc4.13 unpack configuration, and install it. Unfortunately, it was not successful, I don't have the patience to check whether the yum tool in the RPM package is used to install different Linux systems. It is really a good thing, because Aspire One Linux is modified based on federal Linux, so yum is supported, RPM package tools such as apt-Get are not supported. First, connect the network cable, because you need to obtain the installation content from the Internet.

$ Sudo Yum install glibc -...

$ Sudo Yum install GC ++...

Several minutes OK, very soon

Then download the QT opensource 4.5.0 for Linux. Package. Decompress,

Enter the extract directory. /Configure

Then gmake will not be able to find several header files such as X11/xlib. H, X11/XOS. h X11/xutils. H. This is the fastest way for Linux to release X11 Development kits, of course yum.

$ Sudo Yum install X11libs-dev

When qmake continues,/usr/local/ld: Can't Find-lxext will appear again. This is the solution to the ext extension package without installing X11:

$ SunDo Yum install x11ext. Dev

Qtestcase. cpp: 1490 callgrindchildexitcode undeclare solution will appear soon after qmake continues

Open the qtestcase. cpp file and move the definition of callgrindchildexitcode to the beginning of the qexec function.

This is a bug in this version. Will this problem happen? I can't believe it. OK

Will qmake continue? I don't know. I'm going to go home after reading tomorrow's compilation results. (Note: Some of the sudo command lines in it are written by memory. Several parameters may be inaccurate)

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